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Iran travel blog – Things to know before traveling to Iran

Iran travel blog - Things to know before traveling to Iran

In this Iran travel blog I am sharing some useful things to know before your trip to Iran.

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For now, let’s answer some questions that some of you had on Instagram : Is it safe to travel to Iran in 2019? Why are you wearing a hijab? Is Iran worth a trip? and more

Is it safe to travel to Iran in 2019?

Iran has got a bad image in the media those days but once again, let’s not believe blindly what the media say. I think that it is totally safe to travel to Iran in 2019 if you follow the country rules. But let’s talk about that later.

Overall Iranian people were always very friendly and respectful. Actually it is one of the country I visited where I experienced the best hospitality. Iranians love to see tourist and are always keen to help!

Hijab is mandatory in Iran

Following Islam rules, Iran is the only country in the world where it is mandatory for women to wear a hijab. Therefore, also as a tourist you will have to cover your hair and you should do so from the moment you enter Iranian air space. Which means, when landing in Iran you should be wearing your head scarf.

Wearing a head scarf was strange for me at first but I got used to it very quickly. Sometimes I would forget to wear it when going outside my hotel room but I was kindly remembered to cover my head. I asked what happened if you don’t cover your head in public and I got told that the police would make you sign a paper agreeing that you would not go out without your hijab anymore and that you could have to pay a fine. Not that bad actually but ok, we don’t want to have to do this. So better cover your hair!

Women’s dresscode in Iran

In Iran, you should dress modestly, following muslim rules. This means, prefer loose clothes even though tights jeans are allowed as long as you cover your hips. Short sleeves are not allowed as well are short pants or skirts. You pants or skirt should go down to the ankle.

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Iran travel blog – There are 2 currencies in Iran

This is where you will loose your head in Iran. There are two currencies in Iran / Iranian rial and tomans. The tomans does not exist anymore but most people talk in tomans. 1 toman = 10 rial so every time you will need to multiply the price by 10.

If you are not sure the person you are talking to refers to rial or tomans, just ask.

Things to know before traveling to Iran – Credit cards don’t work in Iran

This is not a joke. Once in Iran, it will not be possible to withdraw money with your credit card. It is therefore essential to plan ahead and bring enough cash money with you!

Iran travel blog Tarof in Iran aka etiquette ( code of polite behaviour)

Tarof is a big thing in Iran. Tarof is a code of polite behaviour. I will try to explain what Tarof is in this Iran travel blog.

Iranians say things but mean otherwise. Let’s take an example.

When someone offers you a tea, you are supposed to refuse the tea a few times before accepting it. This is seen as a sign of politeness. Same is if someone in the elevator tells you to go first. You should refuse and propose the other person to go first. This game should be played 2/3 times at least. This is what is called Tarof and shows respect to the other person in front of you.

Things to know before traveling to Iran – You will need a VPN in Iran

Or maybe you won’t need one it you don’t care of staying connected. Many social platforms like Facebook or Youtube are banned in Iran so you can’t connect to them without a VPN. You will need to download a few as they will sometimes not work.