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Naxos and Nauplia, two greek islands with no mass tourism

Nauplia Peloponnese Greece

Two other port of call while on a cruise through the greek Island with the MS Europa 2 were Naxos and Nauplia. Two greek island with no mass tourism.

First stop was Naxos, an island situated in the Cyclades. It is quite a big island, the biggest island of the Cyclades actually, where you will find crystal clear water. Indeed, the water in Naxos is not that deep, so that the biggest cruise ship can’t anchor there. How cool is it that the MS Europa 2 is a relatively small ship so that we could make it there!!

Therefore there is no mass tourism on Naxos. You will rather find families and greek people spending their holidays there. I really liked what I saw from the island. We stayed in the main town, Naxos. Next to the port you will find the immense marble door of the unfinished Apollo temple. It is a very nice ruin that tells a part of the greek mythology.

The town of Naxos is caracterised by it’s hilly and very narrow streets while the rest of the island is famous for its very nice sandy beaches and the clearest blue waters.

Cyclades Island Naxos Greece Cyclades Island Naxos Greece port Cyclades Island Naxos Greece narrow streets Cyclades Island Naxos Greece door Cyclades Island Naxos Greece church Flowers Cyclades Island Naxos Greece Cyclades Island Naxos Greece Narrow street cat Cyclades Island Naxos Greece house Cyclades Island Naxos Greece boat

After the Cyclades Islands, we cruised to the Peloponnese region and stopped at the medieval town that is Nauplia. I am not sure why, but Nauplia remembered me a bit of Italy with it’s colorful houses and many flowers.

Enjoy the pictures below.

*Unpaid advertisement – This article was written upon an invitation on board the MS Europa 2

Town Nauplia Peloponnese Greece Street Nauplia Peloponnese Greece Stairs Nauplia Peloponnese Greece Restaurant Nauplia Peloponnese Greece Natural pool Nauplia Peloponnese Greece house Nauplia Peloponnese Greece House flowers Nauplia Peloponnese Greece