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Experience at Alila Jabal Akhdar – Via Ferrata and hotel review

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Today I am sharing with you my experience at Alila Jabal Akhdar aka the green mountains of Oman. We went on a via ferrata and enjoyed Oman most famous hotel.

When I say most famous I don’t even exaggerate. Every time during our trip in Oman,when we said that we are staying at Alila in Jabal Akhdar, people were in wow.

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It is indeed, a pretty amazing hotel with pretty amazing views over the Grand Canyon of the Middle East or Wadi Ghul! The long and difficult way up there is all worth it. To get there, you need a 4X4 car or a driver. A check point will control if your car is adapted to the road before being able to go up the mountains. The hotel is pretty high and the road has very sharp turns. Pretty challenging on the way down.

We arrived beginning of the afternoon at Alila and were informed about what we would experience the next day. The via Ferrata!

Via Ferrata at Alila Jabal Akhdar

Looking back it was the most amazing experience I had in Oman. Perfect for thrill seekers. The via ferrata is directly accessible from the hotel. After a short brief, we started the activity. I already went on a via ferrata in Switzerland but this one was definitely a bit more challenging. I almost did not do it when I saw how deep the canyon was after a few steps down. Thankfully, our guide calmed me down and I did it. The via ferrata has a level of 3/4 but honestly if does not demand too much strength. You’ll mostly have to deal with your mind. If you manage to do so it is a pretty amazing experience that you will remember for ever.

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Review Alila Jabal Akhdar

After the via Ferrata, we had time to fully enjoy the hotel. As I said in another article, Alila is one of my top 3 hotels where I stayed in the world. The fact that it is so high, at 2000 meters, you really have the feeling to be alone in the world. It is truly a place to escape everyday life and relax.

Because of this amazing location, Alila made a real effort to fit the landscape during construction but also to preserve the nature around. While it is not fully sustainable yet, the management always try to find new ways to be more ecologic. It has a water reuse system, uses almost no plastic even for room amenities and has a own organic garden for cooking and can’t be produced in the resort is delivered by local farmers each day.

The food at Alila is really amazing. Meals are taken at Jupiter restaurant. They offer Arabic dish and continental food. I recommend to try the discovery menu to try Arabic dishes and the smoothies. The dates smoothie is just delicious! While booking the resort, half board is included in the price. Indeed the resort is so secluded that there are no other options to eat in the area.

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Activities at Alila Jabal Akhdar

Secluded it is but in fact you can’t be bored at Alila. Beside the hotel facilities : 2 pools, gym, spa (book an outdoor massage, this is the most beautiful place to have a massage ever!), etc it also offers complimentary activities every day such as yoga, short hikes, star gazing, etc. The program changes every day. If you want to explore the area on your own, it is possible too, from the hotel you can take several hikes. There is even a walk of 8 hours going down the canyon!

Fazit – Experience at Alila Jabal Akhdar

After staying at Alila Jabal Akhdar for 2 nights, I know why everyone was in wow when we were talking about staying at Alila. It is truly a place like no other! <3

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