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Packing list – what to pack for California

packing list what to pack for California

In today’s packing list I am showing you what to pack for California and I am giving you also a few travel tips.

I am on my way to California right now so the collage below is an inspiration of what to pack for a trip to L.A.

First thing while packing is to choose the right luggage aka a light suitcase. Since a bit more than a year I am traveling with an Original Plume Lipault suitcase. Lipault is a french brand that is well known for it’s material and for it’s colourful products. As its name says : Plume, it is super light for a wheeled luggage, only 3KG (so light so you can put more stuff in your suitcase ;)) and the material repels water and dirt and is easy to wipe clean.

Now comes a very tricky question, what to pack. I think that for everyone, either you pack too much, or either you forget everything. I know the struggle every time. As I travel very often I found the trick to pack only the essentials. Even though I love fashion, I don’t mind repeating outfits. I generally pack one black dress and heels in case i go somewhere fancy. Then I pack a jeans and think of what I will wear with it in case if it’s cold and in case if it’s hot.
For shoes, I also always pack some comfortable flats to walk around and if I know I will be outdoor a lot, I try to pack flats that have a good traction and a soft, flexible sole that is thick enough to protect you against schock. And you don’t need to buy hiking boots for this. A good pair of sneakers is often enough. You just need to choose them properly.

Another thing not to forget is a good camera. I am using the Olympus PEN E-PL7 since around 2 years and I am super happy with it. It is small so easy to take it everywhere whith me and it makes amazing pictures. I already wrote a review about the Olympus PEN E-PL7 here)

For everything you need to buy, I would recommend you to shop online and pay with Paypal because beside being a super easy method of payment, Paypal is also safe as you don’t need to enter any credit card numbers. Their new option, One Touch make things even easier as if you activate the option on your computer, tablet or whatever devices you shop with, you won’t need to enter any login details to proceed for payment.
Paypal, is also free unlike Visa where you will be charged a fee when buying on some website. And the best is that Paypal is also your insurance when buying online. There is nothing more annoying than when you have to write thousands of emails with a shop because what you ordered never arrived or is damaged. Paypal handle the stress for you. You just need to inform them of your problem, and you can even get reimbursement.

Finally when online shopping, don’t forget to check websites like, where you can save a lot of money on your purchase as they list the most popular shops and brands offering coupons and coupon codes and cashback. If you read this packing tips, you probably already planned your holidays but I love those websites especially to save on technologic gear and flight tickets. It is mostly expensive stuff so I am always happy to save anything I can. Especially when one travels as much as I do such a bargain like the coupon is very useful.
Check out their community to read the experience of the other users.

1 – Lizzie Fortunato – Passport Case
2 – Crop top hoodie
3 – New Era Los Angeles Cap
4 – Chiara Ferragni – Roger Classic Sneakers
5 – Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera
6 – One Teaspoon – Hollywood Bandits Shorts
7 – OYE Swimwear – Lea V Neck One Piece with Zip Detail
8 – Jerome Dreyfuss Florent Backpack
9 – Ray-Ban – Icons Round Sunglasses
10 – Los Angeles travel guide – Lost In are my favourite travel guide as they are super lifestyle oriented with great tips for a young crowd.