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Review | Hillside beach club Fethiye | Turkey

Hillside beach club Fethiye Turkey boat tour 2

Earlier this month I went to Fethiye, Turkey and enjoyed a few days off season at Hillside beach club.

Below a full review of Hillside beach club Fethiye

How to get to Hillside beach club Fetiye

From Germany we flew with Turkish Airlines to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Dalaman. From the airport, it is an hour drive to the Hillside beach club.

Hillside beach club – Superior double room

We stayed in a Superior double room. The room was very spacious and with a large balcony. It had like most of the rooms in the resort, a sea view. I really liked the large balcony with the sea view especially for a drink early or late in the evening. Super cozy.

Hillside beach club water sports

On our first day at Hillside beach club the weather was a bit grey so that we decided to enjoy some activities, instead of laying at the beach. We took advantage of the many activities on site. We started the day with a yoga class that was very relaxing. Later on we did kayaking in the Hillside beach club bay. Those activities but also paddle boarding, volley ball, dance classes etc are free of charge. So many activities are available at the resort it is almost not possible to be bored. Beside sports activities, there are also workshops and kids events.

The resort also has a Water Skiing and Wakeboard school. It was the chance for me to try water ski again and to try flyboarding for the first time. Scary but so much fun! I think all the Hillside beach club heard me scream 😀

review Hillside beach club Fethiye Turkey Water sports 2

Hillside beach club beaches and pool

One of the thing I really like at Hillside beach club is the many beaches and relaxation areas.

Hillside beach club is quite a big hotel so it is nice that people don’t concentrate on the same places, especially at the beach.

There is one main large beach but there are also 2 other beaches : Silent beach where, as the name already says, it is not allowed to talk. Perfect for people who want some quiet time. It is an adult only beach. Next to this beach there are also 2 docks going into the sea with sun beds. This is by the way, the perfect spot to watch the sunset!

The 3rd beach is Serenity beach, that you can access by taking a little boat or a 15 minutes walk. This beach has a bar and is perfect for relaxing also. The best moment to go is in the morning or afternoon!

Finally for those who like a pool, there is a large pool in the main area of the hotel. Perfect if you have children.

review Hillside beach club Fethiye Turkey mini boat
review Hillside beach club Fethiye Turkey way to silent beach

Hillside beach club – Sanda spa

During our time at Hillside Beach club, we had the opportunity to try the spa. The resort has two spa. One in the main area of the hotel and the Sanda spa, so lovely and nestled into the nature. This was definitely a highlight of the trip! I enjoyed a 60 minutes rose oil massage . So relaxing. Prices at the spa are very affordable. Around 30Euros for a 60 minutes massage! Time to treat yourself!! The spa also offers hamam experience and facials!

Food and drinks at Hillside beach club

Food is VERY important on holidays. Who agrees? Well lucky you the food at Hillside beach club is AMAZING! I already said in previous blogpost that I don’t like buffet as they mostly are of poor quality but the buffet at the main restaurant of Hillside beach club is great. The products are of high quality and there is something for every taste. From pasta to, of course Turkish mezze and specialities!

Beside the main restaurant there is also a beach restaurant. I liked to go there especially for lunch as it is directly by the beach. You can order a main dish, and starters and desserts are buffet.

Finally there is also Pasha on the bay. Pasha on the bay serves a late breakfast for those who like to sleep in late. It also serves for dinner (by reservation) Mediterranean cuisine. For those who like late nights, this is also the bar + club that is open the longest at night. We danced the night away there on the last day. Music was so cool!!

For drinks, there are too many bars to mention them all here. But there are bars for every taste. Jazz bar, sports bar beach bar, etc.

The evening program is very diverse with some cool live acts paying by the beach, movie nights on the beach, etc

review Hillside beach club Fethiye Turkey Dinners etting beach

Hillside beach club – Excursions

Hillside beach club is very relaxing but you might want to go out and explore the area at some points also. There are many excursion offered by Hillside beach club. We tested two of them. A boat tour to explore the bay of Fethiye and a day trip to the ghost town of Kaya Köy.

A great trip to Turkey! We will definitely be back! Thank you Hillside beach club for having us!

*This article was written in collaboration with Hillside beach club!