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Review – Kuramathi island resort

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I did Island hopping in the Maldives. The second resort I stayed at is Kuramathi island resort. It is one of the first resorts that opened in the Maldives in the 70’s and also one of the biggest resort on the Maldives.

Review – Kuramathi island resort

Accommodation on Kuramathi island resort

Like Maafushivaru resort, it belongs to the Universal resort group. Maafushivaru and Kuramathi are both very different. Kuramathi is as said, one of the biggest resort in the Maldives with 360 accommodation and 12 different categories for every price and every need. I stayed in one of the 30 deluxe water villa. I was so happy, I mean is there a better cliché of the Maldives than those water villa? The deluxe water villa at Kuramathi has a huge bedroom and the most Instagrammable bathroom as well as a bit terrace with direct access into the sea.

Food and drinks at Kuramathi island resort

In order to accommodate everyone, Kuramathi resorts also has many restaurants. Every area has it’s own buffet restaurants but also some à la carte options. A seafood, a Japanese, a gourmet, a Thai and an Indian restaurant among others. I tried two of them, The Reef, the seafood restaurant for dinner that serves catches of the day and for lunch the Palm, the Mediterranean restaurants and it was delicious.

Must try in the restaurant : The Yellow fin tuna, aka a typical fish from the Maldives.

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What to do on Kuramathi island resort

You can’t be bored in the Maldives if you stay at Kuramathi

Many people are scared to go to the Maldives as they think they will be bored. I guess it all depends on the resort and one thing is sure, you can’t be bored in the Maldives if you stay at Kuramathi. There are many options available and therefore is suitable for all kind of people. Couples, family and people traveling with friends. People who want to relax can enjoy the 3 different pools of the resort, the beaches that are all around the resort. On one side of the island the is the reef so it is perfect for snorkelling and there is a sandbank as well perfect for a romantic walk.

The most active one can use the gym, the tennis court or many water sports option available including windsurfing, stand-up paddle surfing and kayaking but also some snorkeling and diving excursions.

Good to know : Kuramathi is famous for it’s hammerhead sharks.

And for families there is a kids club so that the parents can relax while the children are entertained.

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In the evening, again those who want to relax can go on a night walk on the beach, chill in their villa or have a drink in one of the 8 bars of the resort. Those who want to be entertained will find some live music or dancing options in some of the bars. My highlights were definitely the champagne loft for its selection of shite spirits and the Laguna bar for the view over the infinity pool and the sea.


One of my concern before going to Kuramathi was that the resort might be a bit too big and not intimist enough. Despite the size of the resort I was really surprised of how chilled the resort is. The resort was at full capacity when I was there but it never felt like it. Indeed the resort is so big and has so many options that it never felt crowded at any time. What I also really liked about Kuramathi is also how green it is. The resort grows some of the vegetables used in the resort and there are trees everywhere. There are even some very old banyan trees!

You can book a stay at Kuramathi here.