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Review – Maafushivaru Maldives resort and Lonubo’s private Island stay

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I could not dream of a better resort for my first time in the Maldives.
When flying from India to the Maldives I kept my eyes open during all the flight to be sure I would not miss to see the Maldives from above. Unfortunately I sat on the wrong window or maybe we just didn’t flew the way I could see the Maldives from above. For this reason I enjoyed the flight from Male to Maafushivaru, the occasion to see the Maldives and its stunning atolls from above.
  Seaplane maafushivaru
Indeed, in the Maldives you can reach your resort via speedboat or seaplane. Some hotels offer both options but the seaplane is generally a much quicker and not much more expensive option than a speedboat.
Maafushivaru is situated quite south so the only way to access the resort is by seaplane.
From the seaplane there is a few meters left to access the resort and it is done by boat. We were so lucky that when we arrived we already had some baby reef sharks and manta rays waiting for us under the arrival pier of the resort. What a better welcome to the Maldives?!

Review – Maafushivaru Maldives resort

Maafushivaru water villas
Maafushivaru is quite a small resort. It has 48 rooms only. There are 3 types of villa available : water villas, beach villas and pool villas. We stayed in a very spacious beach villa hidden from others by lots of vegetation.
The bungalow has got one big bedroom and a big bathroom with an outdoor shower as well as a terrace with sunbeds and sunchairs a few meters away from the beach, which makes you feel like having your own private beach area. With only 48 rooms and so much beach areas the whole island feels like the beach is only for you anyway.
Maafushivaru beach villa
  Maafushivaru resort-min


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From the beach, there are several ways between the corals to go snorkelling. The house reef at Maafushivaru is amazing as there is really a lot of sealife! Actually a friend of mine that is running a diving school in the Maldives stayed at Maafushivaru and told be how great the sealife in Maafushivaru is. I think I spent all my day in the water snorkelling. The area around Maafushivaru is famous for it’s whale sharks and I wish I had stayed a little bit longer to go diving with them. But it will be for next time.  I will for sure go back to Maafushivaru in the future, it was just too idyllic. Beautiful, intimist and environmentally friendly.
snorkelling maafushivaru
Maafushivaru snorkelling reef shark maldives-min
Beside enjoying the beach, snorkelling and diving activities, the resort also offers some watersport activities, it also has a gym and a spa as well as a cocktail bar and a wine bar as well as two restaurants : a Japanese restaurant : 135° East that serves Teppanyaki and Sushi, and the house restaurant serving food from all over the world with some specials on certain days.
Maafushivaru pool
Maafushivaru beach 1
Maafushivaru spa
Spa Maafushivaru Maldives

Lonubo’s private Island stay

who else can say they stayed on an island on their own?!

Maafushivaru has got another island in front of the main one where it is possible to go during the day for a Robinsi Crusoe kind of experience. It is also possible to spend the night on the island on your own. We had the opportunity to experience this and as if Maafushivaru was not already a highlight this topped everything. We arrived on Lonubo’s island in the late afternoon after all other people returned to the resort so that we had the island only for ourself. We installed ourselves in our new bungalow with jacuzzi and went for a last sunset swim. Later on, the cook would arrive and prepare us a romantic barbecue on the beach. Su an incredible experience. I mean who else can say they stayed on an island on their own?!
Price for the deserted island experience on Lonubo : 900dollars
Maafushivaru Lunobo private island
Maafushivaru beach
Maafushivaru breakfast Lunobo   Maafushivaru Lunobo private island stay
Lunobo private dinner-min Maafushivari private dinner Maldives -min
Maldives pink sky
You can book your stay at MAAFUSHIVARU here.