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Short trek in Nepal – Mohare Donda trek : scenic views of the Annapurnas

Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek peak

This article is about my short trek in Nepal. I did the Mohare Donda trek, an alternative to the very touristic Poon Hill trek that also offers scenic views of the Annapurnas.

When I think of Nepal I think first of the mountains. I could not have imagined to go to Nepal without seeing the Himalayas. Most people think of doing the Everest or the Annapurna base camp but there are more options if you would like to see the Himalayas.

Before I share my itinerary and experience about my short Annapurna trek, I will give you some general informations if you want to trek in Nepal.

General informations if you want to trek in Nepal

Can I go for short treks in Nepal?

While the Everest and Annapurna base camp treks are quite long, you can see the Himalayas by going on a much shorter journey. It is perfect for people who have limited time available or for people who are not sure about their physical abilities to do a longer trek. Mohare Donda trek that I did was 5 days and perfect to see the beautiful landscapes of Nepal.

Best time to trek in Nepal

If you go for a trek in Nepal, you will want to avoid the rainy season that begins in June. I did this mistake. I went for a trek in Nepal mid June and even though I was lucky to have rain only at night, the sky was very cloudy so that you could not see the Himalayas very clear. Such a shame. The best time to go is between October and end of May. Late spring, the weather is good and on top you will see the rhododendrons  blossoming.

I am a beginner, can I trek in Nepal?

I stay fit during the year as I go to the gym 2/3 times a week but the trek was still difficult at some points. People in my group had some difficulties towards the last days especially people who do not exercise on a regularly basis and some people had knee pains; you might want to train a little bit before going on a trek in Nepal.

What to pack for a trek in Nepal ?

Take you hiking gear with you if you have but if you don’t you will want to buy all your equipment in Nepal as it is very cheap. Don’t forget a cover for your backpack in case of rain and hiking poles!!! Beside the typical hiking gear you will want to take with you mosquito spray (especially against leeches), a refillable water bottle and water purification tablets as you won’t find water bottles everywhere!! Also A small towel and a sleeping bag for hygienic reasons. Finally sunscreen and a hat will also be very useful!

Short trek in Nepal – 5 days Mohare Donda trek itinerary

Start of your trek in Pokhara

Most Annapurna treks starts from Pokhara. Pokhara does not have an international airport yet but it is to come in the very near future. You will fly to Kathmandu and from there you can take a 30 minutes flight to Pokhara or you can go by bus it will take you 6 hours.

There is much to do in the city of Pokhara but if you don’t have much time you will want to go see the Phewa lake with amazing views of the Annapurnas by clear sky.

From Pokhara you will be taken by jeep to the start of your trek.

Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek Phewa lake pokhara 1 Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek phewa lake pokhara 2

Mohare Danda trek Day 1 – Beni to Bashkarka

We started our 5 days trek in Beni, in the Dhaulagiri Zone. It is situated along the Kali Gandaki river. From there we walked around 3,5 hours through nepali villages and suspension bridges until where we spent the night in an eco community lodge. Your room are in typical Nepali houses, there is internet connection ( no wifi, so buy a sim card) but not hot water to shower.

Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek 7

Mohare Danda trek Day 2 – Bashkarka to Dandakateri village

On day two, we went 800 meters up to our next stop. Most of the trek was stairs. I did not expect this at all but this was made by villagers to go from one village to the next.

We had lunch in the village of Lekhfant : fried noodles with eggs as you will get most of the time. From there we had our very first view of the Annapurna mountain range.

We then continued down before going up again to reach Dandakateri village. We passed by forests of oak and rhododendron, too bad the blossoming season was already over.

We slept in a typical tea house. Nothing too luxurious but it had warn water!!

Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek 21

Mohare Danda trek Day 3 – Dandakateri village to Mohare Danda at 3313 meters

On our third day we continued our climb up to Mohare Danda. It was quite a long walk, around 6 hours again but the landscape was my favourite, misty forest, huge rocks and vast plains.

We arrived at the summit late in the afternoon but as I said earlier we did our trek in Nepal in june and the rainy season had arrived. It was so foggy we could not see any mountains around even though it was supposed to be the best place to see them. We prayed all night for the weather to change and eventually it cleared out at sunrise. From there we could see the highest peak of the Annapurna mountain range : Dhaulagiri 1, Dhaulagiri 2, Daulaghiri 3, Fish tail and my favourite : Annapurna south.

Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek porters Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek 6 Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek peak Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek fish tail view Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek Annapurna south

Mohare Danda trek Day 4 – Mohare Danda to the village of Tikot

On day 4, we started going downhill again. 6 hours through tropical forest and plains, we saw water buffalos and yaks we reached Tikot village at the end of the day. Probably the nicest day of the trek. Tikot is definitely the cutest village I have seen in Nepal. From there you also have by clear sky ( we didn’t have) amazing view of the mountains all around.

“Fun fact “: this village is so high in winter they have so much snow that villagers have to wait for the snow to melt to go out of their village.

Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek yaks Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek Tikot vilage 1 Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek Tikot village 4 Short trek in Nepal - Mohare Donda trek tikot village 6

Mohare Danda trek Day 5 – Tikot back to Beni

Last day of the trek, down by stairs only (4 hours) through some villages until we reached Beni again. A very cool experience!!

The day after we went back to Kathmandu that I explored for 5 days. Stay tuned for my article about Kathmandu and Bakthapur!