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Summer with kids in Alpbachtal

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Summer with kids in Alpbachtal equals an unforgettable adventure in a dream destination : the Austrian Alps and its picturesque landscapes, crystal-clear lakes, and charming villages. In this family blog we will review some of the things we did while visiting this enchanting region : from thrilling hikes through the Kaiserklamm to exploring the captivating Juppi Zauberwald and relaxing by the serene lakes.

1. Summer with kids in Alpbachtal – Refresh in the Kaiserklamm

While in Alpbachtal, you can’t miss to go on an awe-inspiring and refreshing hike through the Kaiserklamm, a dramatic gorge that offers a perfect blend of adventure and natural beauty. Alpbachtal has got 3 of them, all well-marked hiking trails that are family-friendly. We went on a hike on the Kundler Klamm because it was most suitable for us since we were traveling with a small kid and a stroller. We walked along the water and stopped at a family friendly stop to throw stones in the water. We definitely loved the experience. It was easy to access with public transportation and a great experience in nature. This Klamm did not have any refuge to eat or drink so you should go prepared and have your water and snacks with you.

Summer with kids in Alpbachtal - Kundler Klamm Summer with kids in Alpbachtal - Kundler Klamm (2)

2. Lakes: Cooling Off in Nature’s Playground

Alpbachtal boasts some pristine and refreshing lakes, perfect for escaping the summer heat. We experienced two lakes while in the region : Reither See that is very family friendly. There is an entrance fee but that is covered by the Alpbachtal summer card if you stay in the region. We also went to Reintalersee, a great lake surrounded by lush forests. It is also very family friendly with a spielplatz and public toilets. We actually wanted to go to Berglsteinersee that looked absolutely beautiful in pictures but since we were with a stroller we were advised it would be a bit difficult by the camping place nearby so we decided not to go. Reintalersee was a great alternative and we will keep Berglsteinersee on our list for the next time we are in the region.

Summer with kids in Alpbachtal - Reintalersee
Summer with kids in Alpbachtal - Reintalersee
PLayground at Reintalersee

3. Alpbach: Austria’s Most Beautiful Village

Prepare to be enchanted by the captivating village of Alpbach, renowned as Austria’s most beautiful village. Its traditional wooden farmhouses, adorned with colorful flowers, create a postcard-worthy scene that your kids will find straight out of a fairytale. It actually remembered me so much of The little house in the prairie!

Summer with kids in Alpbachtal - Alpbach

4. Juppi Zauberwald: An Enchanted Forest Adventure

Summer with Kids in Alpbachtal can’t end without a visit to Juppi Zauberwald (Juppi’s Enchanted Forest), a whimsical wonderland that will delight both young and old. This themed adventure park offers an array of activities for kids, including treehouses, climbing nets, and natural play areas. While Maya was still very young when we visited, she enjoyed watching the other kids playing and some of the stations throughout the forest. There is also a little farm with goats that kids can feed. That was a first for Maya and she definitely enjoyed it. The park’s focus is on promoting outdoor play and creativity but also appreciation for the wonders of nature. For older kids there is also another park called LAuserland with an alpine coaster, a giant jumping pillow and more. We also keep this in mind for a new visit in a few yeras!


Summer in Alpbachtal is a dream come true for families seeking an unforgettable holiday filled with adventure, nature, and magical moments. This a a small list on things to do if you plan to spend a few days of summer with kids in Alpbachtal. We indeed only spend three days there and were not having our own car so there are plenty of things we didn’t do. This is ok though as we will most certainly go back as we fell in love with this region. The 3 days hike tour sounds amazing for example!

Also a great deal for families is the Albachtal Card that includes many attractions but also bus tickets and is free for anyone booking a room in the region.

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