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Wild animals in Rwanda

Animals of Rwanda Gorillas 2

I saw so many cute animals in Rwanda that I felt like a blogpost dedicated to them was due.

In my blogpost about things to do in Rwanda, I already explained where and how to show the wildlife of Rwanda so don’t miss it.

Below, the cutest pictures of Animals I took in Rwanda, primates, lions and more.

Let’s see if after seeing them, you will not want to travel to Rwanda!

A lion family at Akagera National Park

While on our safari in the Akagera National park, we did not expect to see lions. Most people told us that they are very rare to spot but thanks to our ranger from the Magashi camp, we were able to spot them quite quick and look how many we found!! Magical! Rangers have got so many stories to tell, if you are interested check out Ranger Diaries where they tell their encounters!

Chimpanzees at Nyungwe National Park

After a quite steep hike, we finally heard that famous sound chimpanzees make. they were not far, one casually walking around and other nestled in the trees! Did you know it is the primate closest to human? We share with them 99% of our DNA!!!!

Chimpanzee animals of Rwanda

The most famous animals of Rwanda : Gorillas at Volcanoes national Park

Also Gorillas are close to us. With them we share 98% of our DNA and observing them just proved it’s true. We had the chance to observe a gorilla family. They were sleeping, cuddling and playing. So fascinating to see!

The cutest animals of Rwanda : the golden Monkey at Volcanoes national Park

The golden monkey is an endemic primate specie that is found only in the Volcanoes National Park. If you think moneys are cute, wait to see the Golden Monkeys. Adorable, they only go down from the trees to eat and then they climb up again!!!

Inyambo Cows – The long horn cows of Rwanda

The Inyambo cows were the biggest surprise of my trip to Rwanda. While I knew I would see Gorillans and other monkeys, I did not epect to see such special cows. Inyambo cows are unfortunately endangered ourdays and were destined for the king.

The animals liste above are the most famous animals of Rwanda but you can see many more such as baboons, antilopes, rhinoceros, etc