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Things to do in New York with a baby

Back in October we traveled to New York with our almost 8 month old baby. In the first place you might think, why go to New York with a baby? A place with more nature would be more appropriate. We did think so as well, but we also really wanted to go to New York during our NYC trip so we said let’s try. Jumpimg to the conclusion, there are plenty of things to do in New York with a baby!

While I already was in New York a few times, mainly for fashion week, my partner never went to New York, so we visited the city again from scratch.

Things to do in New York with a baby

Explore the city via Big Bus or  Take many walks

We personally took many walks in the city while in new York in order to discover the many neighborhood. I put Maya in her baby carrier, her face toward me when she was tired and her face toward the world while she was well awake. I can remember she was curious to see around and she especially liked watching up the skyscrapers. I guess she was impressed as we don’t have those in Berlin.

I can also imagine that the Big Bus is a great option to visit the city too. Especially if you are not a fan of public transportation or too much walking. Baby will be able to see things to while sitting on your laps. This is also a great option if you are traveling with todler who are tired walking after a little while.

Ride the boat

The New York city skyline is beautiful so while you won’t be able to take your baby to the latest cool rooftop, you can still have a nice time riding the boat and enjoying the skyline. Maya was a fan of the boat ride. She was awake the entire time looking through the window. While she was probably not interested in the skyline, I am sure she enjoyed the wavy ride as well as the water and other boats.

Ride the carousel in Central park or Bryant Park

We took Maya on her first carousel ride in Bryant Park. Mommy felt like in a movie and Maya definitely enjoyed the ride watching the horses go up and down in front of her.

I love those carousel so much, I wish we had some in Berlin.

Enjoy Central Park and it’s many playgrounds

Central Park is just great for everyone and any season of the year. May it be just for a walk, a bike ride (with an older baby), a picnic, etc.

There are plenty of things to do in the park, and there are great playgrounds as well. In the South West part of the park, next to the carousel, there is a baby playground for kids who can’t properly walk yet.

Go to the Zoo or the museum

Also in Central Park, or in some other district, you can bring your little one to the zoo. Our 8 months old just got interested in animals at her age.

Visiting a museum is a great idea as well. Museums in New York have kids programs and even baby programs! You just need to do your research before going!

We went to the nature museum, that was part of our City PASS. Our City Pass allowed us to enjoy a lot of the activities mentionned above for much less than the full price.  Maya enjoyed watching the exhibitions, especially the shark exhibition. We even bought her a little book for the memories!

This list is not exclusive to babies, these are things to do in New York with todlers too! They would definitely enjoy!

Things to do with a baby in New York ( Actually DON’T DO THIS)

Now a few don’t : as of 2022, the city of New York is not so convenient for going around with a buggy. The streets are packed, especially midtown and the subway is not great either to take a strolley inside, may it be because of the lack of space or because the lift is hard to find / non existent. A baby carrier was much more convenient!

New York city hotel rooms are quite small, so try to find an hotel with a bit of space for your baby to crawl / walk around between sightseeings. And also, do not pack your day too full, as a baby or even a toddler could get overwhelmed.

That’s about it. This trip really teached me that you should not be afraid to go on a city trip with a baby. They are new to this world and especially, from the age of 7 – 8 months, when they are more aware and are curious about things, even a city trip can’t be boring for a baby!