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Highlights of Myanmar | itinerary

Finally I went through thousands of pictures from my holiday in Myanmar. Below the highlights of Myanmar from North to South and our Myanmar itinerary.

Highlights of Myanmar | First stop : Yangon

We started our trip in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar. We stayed one day in Yangon. Time to see the Shwedagon Pagoda and walk around in the city.

highlights of Myanmar Yangon City

highlights of Myanmar Yangon City highlights of Myanmar Yangon City highlights of Myanmar Yangon City Shwedagon Pagoda Burma highlights of Myanmar Yangon City Shwedagon Pagoda Burma

highlights of Myanmar Yangon City Shwedagon Pagoda Burma

Myanmar route – from Yangon to Mandalay

From Yangon we took a plane to the North of Myanmar.  We first stopped in Mandalay, the second biggest city in Burma.  Then we went to Myitkyna, a city that is not touristic at all and we met people that had never seen foreigners in their life. This was such a nice experience, people gave us such a warm welcome and were so excited to see us that they keep taking pictures of us.

Mandalay sagaing myanmar burma january 2015 Mandalay sagaing myanmar burma january 2015 Myitkyina Sagaing Myanmar itinerary Burma Mandalay Sagaing Myanmar itinerary myitkyina myanmar burma january 2015 North of Myanmar route

Highlights of Myanmar : Bagan

From Mandalay, we went back south and visited Bagan, the most popular and touristic place in Myanmar. It is around 4000 temples around 50 square meters. We rented an e-bike for two days and cruised around the temples. Such a magical place.

Highlights of Myanmar Bagan temple Highlights of Myanmar Monks in Bagan Highlights of Myanmar Bagan Bagan burma myanmar january 2015 Highlights of Myanmar Bagan sunset Burma

Myanmar itinerary – from Bagan to Inle lake

From Bagan we took a bus to Inle Lake. This is the second most popular highlight of Myanmar. It is a village on a lake that is famous for the fishermen’s fishing technique that is unique in the world.
Inle Lake is a very beautiful place, but it was the part of my holiday in Myanmar that I liked the less. We rented a boat for the day but although we woke up very early in the morning we didn’t see so many fishermen. The other places were mainly for us to buy something. Too touristic for my taste.

Fishermen Inle lake Myanmar itinerary Inle lake Myanmar route boat tour Inle lake highlights of Myanmar Burma Inle lake Myanmar Burma

Not to miss in Inle Lake : Kakku

Close to Inle Lake there is a place called Kakku that is not well known but I saw some pictures on the internet and I wanted to see it for real. We drove 2 hours from Inle Lake and arrived in this place located in the mountains that concentrates 2500 Stuppas.
This was my actual highlight of Myanmar at Inle Lake. Not the lake itself.

Kakku Myanmar itinerary Burma Highlights of Myanmar Inle Lake Kakku Kakku pagoda Myanmar Burma

Beach holiday in Myanmar

After our journey through Myanmar, we decided to head off to the beach to get holidays from our holidays. We stayed in Ngwe Saung Beach. This is west from Yangon. We first wanted to go to Ngapali but everyone told us it is too expensive and the beach is not so nice. We also wanted to go to  the Myeik Island but it is a bit difficult to access and once you are in the town next to the Islands it is not sure that you can access the islands. We heard stories that people paid 500Dollars but they could not access the Islands for many reasons.

Ngwe Saung beach was a good alternative. It was beautiful and very relaxing!

beach holidays in Myanmar Ngwe Saung beach

Highlights of Myanmar Ngwe Saung beach Myanmar Burma

Ngwe Saung beach highlights of Myanmar Burma

Ngwe Saung beach Myanmar route itinerary

Fazit of our Myanmar itinerary

Myanmar/Burma is a developing country. A lot of my friends are very comfortable, like most people I think. If you are a comfortable person, I would not recommend them to go yet. Maybe it is better to go in a few years since there is no reliable internet, no reliable warm water and except of flying it is quite adventurous to travel around.  If you like an adventure, I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Also perfect for people who already know the more touristic destinations in Asia.

The country is changing very fast though. I am happy I experienced Myanmar now, when it is still almost untouched and I will be back in a few years to see how much it changed. This time I would add the Myeik Islands to my Myanmar itinerary. Go on Google image to know why it is on my bucket list!