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Traveling in style with Lipault Paris

Today I am showing you how to travel in style with my Lipault Paris luggage. I am on my way to Italy right now for a few days. I am going to Bologna and then to my friend’s place close to the beach so I am dressed for hot temperatures already, I just have a jacket in case I am cold in the plane.

I am traveling quite a lot and it always gets on my nerve when my suitcase is empty and it is heavy even though there is nothing inside. So priority number 1 for a new suitcase was that it is light!
Lipault is most know because it’s so light so it’s perfect.

Number 2 i wanted to have a suitcase that has got 4 wheels so that it can stand.

Number 3 : I wanted a nice color that is timeless so even though Lipault is super famous for it’s bright colors I went for navy blue, because it’s chic and it’s a color that never gets old.

Check out this guide to know more about how to choose the best carry on luggage.

Dress : Fringe mini dress by Zara (similar in grey HERE)
Shoes : Forever 21 (similar HERE)
Bag : Shinola (similar HERE)
Luggage : Lipault Paris for all colours and models visit the official website here!


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