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Unforgettable Summer Adventures in Kaiserwinkl as a family

Walking wirth lamas and alpacas in Kaiserwinkl

As a parent, there’s nothing more rewarding than witnessing the joy and excitement in your children’s eyes during a family vacation. Kaiserwinkl, nestled in the captivating Austrian Alps, is a destination that will make your summer getaway truly unforgettable, especially if you travel with kids.

From enchanting walks with lamas and alpacas to thrilling outdoor activities like pony riding, cycling around the lake, swimming, day trips to Unterberghorn and Zahmer Kaiser, and even exhilarating rafting adventures, this region offers an abundance of family-friendly fun. Plus, we discovered the perfect accommodation at Hotel Seehof am Walchsee, where the largest indoor aquapark in Austria awaits.

Walking with Lamas and Alpacas in Kaiserwinkl

Our journey began with an extraordinary experience of walking with lamas and alpacas. While our daughter is only 15 months old, and therefore can’t do too much on her own yet, it was heartwarming to see the smile on her face as we interacted with these gentle animals. We started off the experience by feedind the animals and continued by walking them in the forest, along picturesque trails, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Bicycling Around the Walchsee Lake

While this was not part of the plan at the beginning, we rented e-bikes at our hotel in order to go to the center of the village. It ended up being a very pleasant experience. Not all the way around the lake has a cycling paths though. This is something you might want to consider if you bike with kids.

Swimming in the Walchsee Lake

While we traveled to Kaiserwinkl end of Mai, it was a little too cold for us to swim in the Walchsee lake (some courageous people did though), in the summer time, the crystal-clear waters of Lake Walchsee are a great destination for a swim. Indeed, with temperatures reaching 24 degrees, it is perfect for everyone in the family. The designated swimming areas offered safe and enjoyable experiences and the stunning Alpine backdrop makes it a true paradise for water-loving families.

As an alternativ, there is also a great swimming pool in Kössen for kids that has slides, diving boards and water attractions.

Day Trips to Unterberghorn and Zahmer Kaiser

Our exploration of Kaiserwinkl continued with a great day trip to Unterberghorn. The cable car ride to the summit of Unterberghorn treated us to awe-inspiring panoramic views. Also at the top, we had fun watching the paragliders go in the air. This was a very interesting activity also for my 15 months old! At the top, a cute little playground awaits. We played there and had a little snack at the mountain hut. This was definitely and afternoon well spent.

The other group traveling with us that had older kids went to Zahmer Kaiser where they could unleash their energy on the summer alpine slide.

Zahmer Kaiser slide

Rafting Adventures

The same group that had older kids went rafting in Kaiserwinkl while we were on the little alpaka hike. They started in Kössen and went down the river until reaching the border of Bavaria. This is for families seeking an adrenaline rush and who wish to create memories filled with laughter and excitement.  From the feedbacks, this adventure was a highlight for both children and adults alike. I wish to go back experience this activity with my family in a few years!

Alternatively, and if you have kids who like to walk, you can hike along the Entenlochklamm. You can opt for a short variant that is a circular route around the hanging bridge or you can opt for the longer eight kilometers long smugglers’ trail.

Traditional tyrolean culture during the Egascht Fest’l in Walchsee

While in Kaisewinkl, we had the chance to experience Tyrolean culture at it best during the Egascht Fest’l. This celebration let’s you dive into the rich heritage, warm hospitality, and cultural traditions of the region, with and art and craft market, great live music, locals wearing traditional clothes and delicious mountain-eats. We had a blast. Our daughter ate Käse-Spätzl for the first time and loved it so much. Also she loves music and enjoyed the live music a lot!

Recommended Accommodation in Kaiserwinkl

During our stay in Kaiserwinkl, we stayed at Hotel Seehof am Walchsee. This accommodation is great in particularly for kids. The hotel boasts the largest indoor aquapark in Austria, it also has a cute petting farm. Maya loved the encounters with goats, rabbits and ducks. Older kids can also enjoy pony riding opportunities.

For adults, the hotel is great as well. The rooms are big and comfortable, the dining options are great and of great quality and there is a sauna area to relax! Perfect for when you have a kid-free break!

Hotel Seehof am Walchsee Aquapark Hotel Seehof am Walchsee

To conclude, Even though we were traveling with a small kid. We will for sure cherish forever the memories made in the region. Kaiserwinkl was a great destination for us and it is probably even greater when you have older kids who can enjoy fully all the activities. It is definitely a destination to go back to. I am very curious of the winter time there as I have heard it is as well a great destination for people with kids.

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