Visit Slavonia region, a less known part of Croatia

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Recently Croatia invited to a trip to visit the Slavonia region, a less known part of Croatia.

Slavonia, a less known Croatia

A lot of people know of Croatia its capital : Zagreb and the its many islands and amazing beaches. But Croatia has more to offer than just that.

Slavonia, the easternmost region of Croatia is a less known part of the country, but it does not mean that it is less interesting. It is a great destination for nature lovers and foodies.

Things to do in Slavonia, Croatia

Visit Osijek, the capital of Slavonia

Visit Osijek, the capital of Slavonia

We started our trip through Slavonia with the region’s capital: Osijek. North-eastern part of Croatia, this city is famous for the alluvial lowlands of the Danube. A highlight of the city is the Suleyman’s bridge, a symbol of urbanization. Don’t forget the church of St Peter and St Paul for its colored frescoes illustrating famous episodes from the Old and New Testaments.


Enjoy the food of Slavonia

Besides their warm welcome and generosity, Croatian have some culinary specialties. The Strukli, popular traditional croatian dish, is a mixture of cottage cheese with eggs, sour cream and salt. This pastry made of dough and several types of cheese filling can be either cooked or baked, salty or sweet.

If you like meat and fish, Slavonia would be your food paradise! The favorite local treats in Slavonia are some pork delicacies. Spicy freshwater fish stew and spicy beef were definitively my favorite!

For your digestion, you will want to drink a Rakija, the most popular spirit in Croatia.

Slavonia wine region

During our trip, we discovered the Ilok countryside. Know as The Danube’s Kingdom of Wine. Ilok is an ideal destination to enjoy the old wine cellars. Antique wine barrels preserves the best of old wine and you have the possibility to try prime wines. If you’re a nature lover, enjoy the old town spectacular view over the Danube and fields of Backa. We decided to make a bicycle tour along the river bank. One of my favorite was the Principovac wine cellar. It was a great experience with a passionate guide. To finish, wine tasting is very cheap in Croatia. For 20 Kuna you can taste 5 different wine and cheese specialties!   

Kopački Rit

In the heart of the Danube, the Kopacki Rit park is one of the most important alluvial floodplains in Europe and a must visit in Slavonia. The Nature Park offers 231 km2 of diverse beauties. For bird lovers, one journey into the wetland is a great occasion to observe the elegant wing beat of grey herons and white egrets! The natuonal parc offers different attractive tours by large boat or canoe. As Visitor you have access to the multimedia hall with interactive exhibits, birdwatching- and photo-safari programmes. If you need peace and quiet moments, Kopacki Rit is the right place!

Summer and traditional festival

During our Visit in Slavonia, we had the chance to participate to the 51st Dakovo embroidery festival in the city of Dakovo. It features original folklore of Slavonia, Baranja and western Syrmia. This festival is an important event, which attracts participants from around the world. This is the only occasion to admire bodices, festive costumes (made from home-woven cloth) and traditional embroidery with gold thread.