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A weekend in Moscow – Tips : restaurants, rooftop, shopping and flea market

Shortly before Christmas, I spent a weekend in Moscow. From Berlin it is not too far, only 2,5 hours away and very cheap as well if you choose to fly with Aeroflot (totally fine airline). So below you will find my Moscow Tips for restaurants, cool rooftop bars and shopping tips at the flea market.

Where to sleep in Moscow on a budget VS luxury

A weekend in Moscow was totally fine to discover the city. We arrived on Friday evening. From the airport we took an official taxi to the city (super easy) and checked into our hotel : Vremena Goda.
This hotel is nothing special but very central and not too expensive.

If you want a better hotel, Hyatt Regency at petrovsky Park just opened and it looks fabulous with Spa, and 3 bars and restaurants – including a rooftop bar.

What to see in Moscow?

– Visit of the cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the Kremlin, lunch at café Pushkin, shopping at Gum and Dinner on a rooftop

Early in the morning we decided to start with the must see attraction in Moscow. We walked to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and then visited the Kremlin. It took us a good part of the morning we then decided to go for Lunch at Café Pushkin. Café Pushkin is a popular café and restaurant in the center of Moscow. It is very classy and frequented by the rich and famous. Surprisingly, prices are not that expensive (count 20euros for lunch, drinks included), the location is amazing and it is the best place to test Russian specialities. I ate the Russian selection that is a mix of different Russian specialities.

Later that day we went also for shopping at Gum. Gum is a department store similar to Kadewe in Berlin, Galeries lafayette in Paris or Harrods in London. Definitely worth a visit. While on our shopping street we also strolled on Arbat Street that is a big shopping street going starting from the red Square.

Finally we ended up the day with dinner at Sixty, a rooftop bar an restaurant. Sixty is a great location but unfortunately the dinner was overpriced and not that good (100Euros for a caesar salad and a bottle of wine…) so I recommend to rather go there for a drinks only instead.

A weekend in Moscow – Tips for Day 1

On our second day, we woke up early in the morning and went to see the red square and the famous Saint Basil’s Cathedral.
Tip : if you go that early you will have the square for yourself! No tourist everywhere 🙂

We then went for breakfast at Dr Jivago that is directly on the Red Square were I had caviar for breakfast. (I mean when in Moscow … why not)

Here again, the place is a bit posh with art pieces on the wall but the price was really affordable for Pelmini, Russian eggs and drinks we paid around 15Euros.

We then finally took the subway to go to the fleamarket a bit outside the center. Taking the subway in Moscow was easier than I was anticipating and is truly beautiful. If you have more time you can consider taking a metro tour that will take you to the most beautiful stations.

Anyway we took the subway to Izmaylovo market, the biggest flea market I have ever seen. At the entrance you can find many souvenirs and the more you get into the market you will find some great vintage finds. Furnitures, clothes, and many many treasures. A great way to discover Russia before the end of the communism.

We spent around 2 hours there but you can easily spend half a day f you want to see everything. The best is to go in the morning as many vendors close early.

It was then already almost time to go back to Berlin. A last stop at Eliveeski supermarket, the most luxurious supermarket that I have ever seen and then, back to Berlin. Short but intense and the perfect amount of time to get a nice impression of the city. I can’t wait to go back soon in summer 🙂