What to wear at a wedding reception

This is wedding season! Many people have their summer filled up with wedding invitations. One very important everyone will ask themselves is what to wear to the wedding ceremony? This can be quite stressfull because you don’t want to make a mistake. With the few tips below, you will get answer and finding the right outfit will be very easy! 

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Now back to what to wear at our wedding ceremony. Sometimes, a dress code is specified on the wedding invite. In this case try to interprete it and if you are really not sure it is totally fine to ask the wedding couple what they exactly mean. I had the case las year and the bride sent all the girls some exemples of what she expected us to wear. Better ask than be sorry later. 
Since it is a special event, it is a time to dress up! You can be VERY glamourous but pay attention not to overshadow the bride. remember the scandal with Pippa Middleton. 

Also as a sign of respect, one rule that everyone knows but that is it important to repeat : DO NOT WEAR WHITE!!! Also too short dresses and cleavage should be avoided. It can be tacky. Prefer if you want to wear a skirt or a dress, something going above the knee! Also in term of colours, pastels colours especially in summer if it is a day wedding are totally acceptable. Also prints like dots or flowers can work too! 
If it is a night wedding or a day & night wedding, you can also opt for a gown, a fancy dress or a cocktail dress. 

In terms of colours, sophisticated dark colours like burgundy, dark brown, charcoal etc work very well. 
To accessorize your outfit, you can pair it with elegant shoes like strappy heels or chic mules. PS: If is is a garden party, AVOID HEELS at all cost!! Prefer flats like ballerinas. 
In terms of jewelry, avoid something chunky and prefer fine jewelry. You don’t want to look bling bling. 
For bags, a clutch is your best friend. They always look elegant and sexy and you can fit in it all that you need. You won’t need to much anyway. 
You are now ready for your wedding!! Below are some of the outfits I wore to past weddings as inspiration! 
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