An easy day trip from Porto – Surfing, Douro valley wine tour or wellness

When in Portugal, I spent a weekend in Porto and then I spent a few days exploring the area around Porto. Thanks to the geographic situation, you can take an easy day trip from Porto to either go surfing, go on a cruise on the Douro Valley, etc.

Below you will find a few ideas on what to do if you have time to go out of Porto for a day or more.

Day trip from Porto – Surfing in Espinho

Espinho is the closest little town for a day trip away from Porto. It is a little town that is great for surfing. It is a quite new touristic destination but this little town has some of the best waves in Portugal. For both beginners and more experimented surfers. As it is a quite new touristic destination, but it slowly starts to develop as a cool surfer city destination.

Also for those who like to go to the Casino, Solverde has a casino Espinho, as well as an hotel right by the beach with swimming pool and a mini golf. Perfect if you wish to surf or if you wish to stay out but still close to the center of Porto.

Travel blogger taking a surf course in Espinho near Porto Portugal

A day trip from Porto to Viana Do Castelo

Viana Do Castelo is a perfect Sunday day trip destination. It is about 40 minutes from Porto. It is a cute little town by the sea. We stopped there for a little walk in the morning and then went for a lunch at the beautiful hotel Pousada de Viana Do Castelo a beautiful edifice that is about a hundred years old which view is supposed to be one of the most stunning views of Portugal – and the world. I have to say I really enjoyed eating my food while admiring the view over Viana de Castelo. I wish I could have stayed a night there as it is a truly beautiful and luxurious place. One of those you forget about the time. I believe it is the perfect place to watch the sunset or the sunrise.

When in Viana Do Castelo wander in the narrow streets and do not miss the Basilica of Santa Luzia.

Lunch at Pousada de Viana Do Castelo Pousada de Viana Do Castelo Santuário de Santa Luzia church Viana Do Castelo

Go on a Douro Valley wine tour

The Douro Valley, with it’s endless rows of terraced grape vines, is the most scenic wine region of Portugal. It was listed as a World Heritage Site in 2001. There are several ways to visit the Douro Valley.

One of the most famous one is to go on a cruise on the Douro Valley. The Douro Valley cruise last from one hour to several days if you want to explore the full region. You can also take the local train or the historical train (running in the summer only) to explore the area. It is also possible to take a tour having both ways of transportation to visit the Douro Valley.

When in the region, you will not want to miss to go on a Douro Valley wine tour to taste the speciality of the region. There are many wineries (quintas) to choose from. You might want to check this guide to know where to go.

If you don’t have time to go on a Douro Valley wine tour, make sure you go for a wine tasting in the district of Gaia, one of the thing to do in Porto.

Wellness in the North of Portugal

In the North of Portugal you will find many spa hotels. Indeed, wine is  an important part of the region and vinotherapy is used for spa treatments.

We stayed for one night at Hotel de Minho, a modern spa hotel which treatments are made out of honey and Wine by the brand Vinoble cosmetics.


For more informations about Porto and Surroundings visit Porto and the North

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