Apéros Bordeaux – Wine tasting in Berlin

As you know I am french and in France we love to do a little apéritif so to everyone in Berlin, this thursday 8th of October, 7PM, there will be Apéros Bordeaux, a big Apéritif event and wine tasting in Berlin organized by Apéros Bordeaux in Mitte at The Grand.

Aim of the evening is to discover the affordable wine range coming from Bordeaux. During the evening you will be able to do wine tasting and learn more about wine. How does the wine from Bordeaux smell? What kind of grape variety are used to do a Bordeaux wine? How to choose my wine so that it goes with what I eat? And how is wine made?

All questions will be answered so that next time that you try a wine at a restaurant, you will actually know what you are doing 😉

But above all, it will be a nice afterword event with good wine and good finger foods.

Price is 12Euros for the evening (including a glas of wine and fingerfood) and you can register HERE before the event and you will participate in a raffle of 12 wine packages for your own apéros at home.


Apéro Bordeaux Food

*In collaboration with Apéros Bordeaux