We are now almost 5 months after my first Skin Booster Restylane treatment at DocBoom in Berlin. I had three in total, one in December, January and February. I decided to write this article only now, in order to give you a review on my skin after a little while of the treatment. Back in […]

Until last year, I would just select a face cream in store based on the packaging and the promise it has on it. While having so much time on my hand, I took the time to finally watch all those beauty guru videos on youtube that I saved for later. I actually learned about ingredients […]

As the leaves turn and the air grows crisper, the fashion world welcomes the eagerly anticipated Fall/Winter 2024 season. With a fresh array of trends and styles, it’s the perfect time to explore your fashion options while supporting local businesses and embracing sustainability. In this blog post, we introduce you to three remarkable online shops […]

Are you a one person perfume or the kind of person that changes perfume every day? I am rather the second type. For every important thing that happened in my life, I have a perfume I can associate with. And every time I wear this specific perfume, it brings back memories. In this article I […]

Big smiles because the sun is finally shining again and we can go outside for long walks. I am really excited for Spring and Summer!! What about you? BTW, to find the cheapeast price for clothes, RTL has a price comparison tool!

*This post has been written by me and is sponsored by Replay Jeans DE – Es ist schon lange her, dass ich hier einen Outfit-Beitrag gepostet habe. Ich bin zurück mit einem Klassiker, der Boyfriend Jeans. Ich habe die ganze Zeit enge und gerade Jeans getragen. Ich hätte mir keine andere Art von Jeans vorstellen […]