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Experience – Eye circle removal at Hy Studio Berlin

Eye circle removal at Hy Studio Berlin

Back in July, I got my very first thing done on my face and I would like to share my experience with you.

I am now in the beginning if my 30’s and I can start to see the first sign of aging. I don’t have a problem with aging. I learned to accept, that it will happen not matter what. Nevertheless, I think that if you don’t like something about yourself, you should change it. Be it physical or not.

The past year I got really aware of my eye circles. I always had them but it was never a big deal. My mum had it also and it was just a part of what defines my face. But the past year it got more intense (due to aging and lost of elasticity) and I started hating them, especially on my right side because it made me look SO TIRED! It even came to the point that I did not want my picture take from the front or from the right side.

I visited Hy Studio during a press event in June and heard about the eye circle procedure.

Hy Studio Berlin is a very cool and modern beauty studio in Mitte (they also recently opened in Schöneberg). It provides minimal invasive beauty treatments made by plastic and aesthetic surgeons.

I had a chat with people who already “went under the knife” as well as with a doctor and decided I will do it.

In this article I don’t want you to think that I am pushing you to do surgery or fillers, etc in order to look like the girls in the magazine but just to let you know that I didn’t like something about myself, and I made a change to accept myself better, and that’s totally ok.

Actually, when I told my friends I did it, most of them were more than interested to know how it went and confess they would also do it. Actually I didn’t say anything but many said, wow you look good today or wow you look fresh and I said yeah I removed my eye circles. Too bad this topic is still such a taboo!

Regarding the eye circle procedure : you first go to the doctor for a consultation. You talk about what disturb you and you will get advised on what to do, including any potential risks. (I know that some of you are French, so you will be happy to hear that my doctor, Vanessa, speaks French so you can have the consultation in French!!!)

Eye circle removal takes around 20 minutes. You first get the area disinfected. Then hyaluronic acid is injected under the eye, which gives volume and therefore makes you look less tired!

Does it hurt? It did not hurt but I don’t like needles so it was not very pleasant but definitely bearable!

After the procedure you go back for a check up 2 weeks later where you can have a talk with the doctor and eventually a retouch.

Is it dangerous? There are risk to this procedure and the doctor can advise on them properly. It is also important that the injection is made very precisely this is why you should only go to certified doctors like the one at Hy Studio!

How long does it last? It last around 6 to 12 months depending on your age, skin, etc

Here you can find some before/after photos of me. You can see that I look much less tired!

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10178 Berlin

*This article was made in collaboration with Hy Studio. All opinions are mine!