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Review – Skin Booster Restylane at DocBoom Berlin

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We are now almost 5 months after my first Skin Booster Restylane treatment at DocBoom in Berlin. I had three in total, one in December, January and February. I decided to write this article only now, in order to give you a review on my skin after a little while of the treatment.

Back in 2020, I started to be unhappy with my skin. I could see the first sign of aging showing up. I was always annoyed by my eye circles, that I let removed back in 2019, but now I got really annoyed about my smile lines around the mouth and my face that started sagging. I talked with DocBoom, and they told me I would not necessarily need botox or fillers, which I am kind of scared of (this is the reason I did not redo the eye circle treatment anymore), but that I could be happy with a Skin Booster treatment.

So let’s start my review. First of all :

What is Skin Booster?

Skin booster are injections of Hyaluron Hydrate intended to rehydrate and revitalize thin and sluggish skin. It consists of injecting, into the middle dermis, small amounts of low micronized hyaluronic acid. Unlike traditional hyaluronic acid injections, it nourishes the entire skin and boost collagen production without modifying the volumes or expressions of the face!!!

What is the product used for Skin Booster?

There are several brands that can be used for a Skin Booster treatment. At DocBoom, they use Restylane. This is the same brand that was used for my eye circle treatment. I know a lot of esthetic doctors are using this brand as well.

For what area is Skin Booster?

Skin Booster can be used on the lower part of your face. Unfortunately, it is not injected on the upper part of the face to correct fine lines on the forehead for example. Skin Booster is not only for the face, it can also be done on the neck or on the hands and even on your décolleté.

How many Sessions should I have?

Depending on your skin, you should have 3-4 sessions every three weeks to achieve the best results. I had 3 sessions, one each month.

How often should I do Skin Booster?

Luckily, the effect of Skin Booster last long. You should repeat your treatment once every year

Can I recommend Skin Booster at DocBoom in Berlin?

At first, I was a bit skeptical about going to DocBoom, as it is a chain. They have several esthetic studios all around Germany. I was scared that they would work like a chain and not give the time for answering my questions. I was totally wrong. My Doctor was Dr Yaban, that I can highly recommend. She was very patient and answered all my too many questions. Indeed, I was scared to do the treatment but she took the needed time to make me feel comfortable. Also, all practitioners at Doc Boom are certified doctors so that they know their job well.

How happy am I with my treatment

After 5 months, I am still very happy with my treatment. I feel that my skin is less dry. Before doing the treatment my skin felt always dry and dehydrated. No amount how much cream or oil I put on my face nothing was helping. Also, even though I still have fine lines around my mouth, they are less deep, sometimes they even disappear, if I am not too tired, hydrate well and do my face massage. Also My skin feels more plump so I am rather happy with my Skin Booster treatment. I already know that I will redo it next year.

*My treatment at DocBoom was sponsored. However, this article reflects my honest opinion.