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Paris the glam way – Emily in Paris filming locations and more

Emily in Paris filming location

After my little trip to Paris and for the launch of Emily in Paris Season 2, I decided to share with you a little guide to enjoy Paris the glam way like in Emily in Paris. In this Article I will share some of Emily in Paris filming locations but also add some insider tips for the ultimate Paris experience!

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Food – Emily in Paris filming locations

Buy some pastries or macarons at Boulangerie Moderne

In the serie, we can see Emily eat her Pain au Chocolat from a bakery that actually exists. It is called Boulangerie Moderne, located at 16 Rue des Fosses St. Jacques. I don’t know about the reputation of this bakery but one thing is sure, even if their products are good, you can only buy just a few for when you get home.

For being able to get a bit of French Flair when at home, why not take a macaron class aka THE MOST TRENDY sweets from France. I did a macaron class at the Galeries Lafayette (Indeed it is YOUR place to be when in Paris) and I really enjoyed it. The recipe that you will do are very easy to redo at home and the macarons will taste as good as when bought in France!

Michelin experience

In Season 1 episode 4, we can see Emily eating at the Michelin restaurant le Grand Vefour near Palais Royal. Too bad, this restaurant lost it’s Michelin star this year. It might be more affordable now as they are more of a bistro kind of restaurant but if you want the Michelin experience you might need to go somewhere else. It might be a good idea to check out the new Michelin Starred restaurant of 2021.

VS Eat some traditional French dishes in Paris

In season 2, Emily’s boyfriend, the chef is cooking tripes. This is a typical french dish that taste quite… interesting. It is indeed entrails of pork. Not for everyone but quite an experience! Generally speaking, most brasserie offers some typical french dish. (Feature in Emily in Paris are : La Coupole, Brasserie Lutetia, 82).

What you might also want to try are bouillons, (not featured in Emily in Paris but still worth going). Bouillons were born in the 19th century and aimed to provide cheap food to workers. Since a few years, bouillon are trendy again. Bouillon Pigalle is one of the most famous places in Paris right now, as you can tell by people queeing in front of this place at every hour of the day and of the night!



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Cute cafés in Emily in Paris

As all Parisians, Emily spends quite a lot of time in cafés. In season 1, we can see La Maison Rose in Montmartre. A café famous fo it’s pink facade. It is almost impossible to miss if you go to Montmartre as many tourist will stand in front of this pink house to take a picure. So instagrammable 😉

If you want to have the pink café that is instagrammable but without hundreds of tourist in front of it I recommend you to try a newly opened café in Galeries Lafayette : Elan Café. It is so pink and so cute!!

Anothe classic of Paris is Café de Flore, also seen in Emily in Paris.  I guess you already heard about it. It is THE place where all fashionistas are going. I much rather prefer the café just in fron, Les deux Magots! But just check by yourself

Finally, café Marly, with a view of the Louvre Pyramide is also a filming location in Emily in Paris. So popular it might be full when you will be going. DOn’t worry, there is a second café with the same great view. It is café Richelieu, one the first floor of the Louvre. It has a nice terrasse and some amazing pastries by Angelina! Too good!

Paris Markets

In Season 2 we can see Emily go to the Market near Bastille. They are supposed to be in marché Bastille but the filming location was actually at marché Aligre.

Emily in Paris filming locations

In général, markets are a great way to discover French products and are a nice thing to do while in Paris. If you want to have the experience of a farmer market and a street food market so you can try the food directly on the spot, I recommend Marché des enfants rouge. It is a classic in Paris and you can find street food from France and overseas. A great experience!

I also really like the marché rue Montorgeuil in the first disctrict of Paris. Not only the market is very Parisian, it’s street is also home to many great bakeries, butchers, or delicatessen shop.

Dinner and live music in Paris

In season 2, we can see Emily visiting her friends several times at some a supper club with live music. Theses places do exist for real and there qre plenty of it in Paris. It is the kind of evening I liked the most when I was living in Paris. Fun is guaranteed.

In the serie they feature, La Nouvelle Eve near Pigalle and Chinagora, which, funny enough is where I spent my New year’s Eve 2000 😀 (Can’t recommend to go out to be honest even though the location is quite cool).

If you like this kind of supper club, I would definitely recommend to go to Noto Paris, for Italian Food and some dancing on the tables, Coya Paris for some South American vibes, Balagan for Middle Eastern vibes and Le Speak Easy for live music all night long!

Art in Emily in Paris

Emily is visiting several galeries and museums while in Paris and she is right to do so as Paris has SO MUCH to offer in terms of art.

Here again, most famous museum can be visited with the Paris Passlib’, You just need to book Le Louvre a few days in advance to be sure to get access.

As filming locations in Emily in Paris we can see Atelier des Lumières in season 1. Emily was visiting the Vincent Van Gogh exhibition. This does not show anymore but the space always has interesting multimedia experiences worth checking out.

In season 2, we can see Perrotin Paris, aka the gallery where Camille is working. This art space exist in real life and is quite popular in Paris but not only. Indeed, this gallery has also spaces in New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

Go to a fashion show at Galeries Lafayette

If you are a fan of Emily in Paris, chances are, that you are also a fashion lover. Unfortunately, it is not accessible for everyone to attend a fashion show in Paris but Galeries Lafayette makes it possible every Friday. Book in advance as the even is quite popular! If you happen to see something you like, use my 10% off voucher : GLINTER, available until 31.12.2022! 

Visit the newly reopened Samaritaine

Another fashion temple that we can see in the serie is La Samaritaine. This luxury fashion house was closed for years before it reopened this year (2021) for a whole new experience. You definitely want to check this one out. Also in terms of architecture, it is worth a visit.


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Do not miss the Passages!

Built in the 18th the passage are a unique jewel of the Parisian Architecture. They were built for Parisians to stroll without being afraid of the traffic.

While many disappeared over the years, there are still 18 passages left in Paris where you can find restaurants, shops and galleries. They are all so chic! The one you can see in Emily in Paris is Passage Choiseul next to Opéra.


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That’s it for now. Of course there are many more places featured in Emily in Paris but it would be too much to list them all. Those listed here are the most iconic I guess and the one definitely worth visiting if I was a fan of the Serie.

Of course, do not miss the monumentsbut those are hard to miss anyways. For entrance, don’t forget to book the Paris Passlib. It is so convenient to save money and avoid standing in line!

In Season2, Emily is taking a trip to Saint Tropez. If you are interested in this destination do not miss my article about the most famous village in France!