Gant Diamond G shirt – The perfect oxford

Gant launched a new clothing line : Gant diamond G and asked me to style their white button up Gant diamond G shirt for their campaign : They changed the world not the shirt.

Inspired by this campaign I decided to show you an alternative way to wear the white button shirt. Indeed changing the world means for me daring and daring is what I wanted to do in this outfit. Everyone knows how to wear a white button up shirt so every outfit I created i was thinking ” this has been done so many times before”. So I tried to play around a bit with this shirt and came up with the simple idea of leaving a few button open so that some skin is showing up.

This way, the shirt doesn’t look so classic but rather modern, but the quality is there and this is what matters the most, following the motto, they changed the style but not the shirt aka they changed the world but not the shirt.


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