Greek island hopping with Celestyal cruise

Greek island hopping with Celestyal cruise

Greece has got so many islands it is sometimes difficult for travelers to choose which one to go. Greek island hopping is therefore a good way to discover many islands at a time.

The best option to fly to Greece and inside Greece is with Aegan Airlines.

I took my first cruise in Greece last year on the luxurious MS Europa 2. The experience was fantastic, the MS Europa 2 is a wonderful boat with many on board option and even though the destinations were great, it is more about the on board experience than the destinations.

While cruising with Celestyal cruise, the experience is all about the destination.

1 week Greek island hopping with Celestyal cruise

Celestyal Cruise has got two offers. A long weekend offer and a one week trip trough some of the most beautiful Greek islands.

While the other cruise ships stop for a short day at every destination, Celestyal Cruise stops for a longer period of time on some island to allow the passengers to enjoy fully what the island has to offer.

Greek island hopping itinerary with Celestyal cruise

1 day and 1 night in Mykonos

Mykonos is world known for it’s lifestyle and more exactly for it’s nightlife. What a pity it would be to spend only half a day on the island.

To allow it’s passengers to enjoy fully what Mykonos has to offer, Celestyal Cruise stays one night on the island. It is possible to dance the night away and board back the boat early in the morning before the ship cruises to the next island.

Greek island hopping with Celestyal cruise Mykonos

2 days in Santorini

Santorini is probably THE most famous destination in the Cyclades. With it’s two villages, Oia and Thira, it’s black and red beaches, it’s famous wine. You will need of course more than a day to explore it all. 

Here again, Celestyal Cruise stays two days on the Island so that you have plenty of time to go shopping, enjoy the sunset, explore the beaches and taste the famous Santorini wine.

Greek island hopping with Celestyal cruise Santorini 4 Greek island hopping with Celestyal cruise Santorini 2 Greek island hopping with Celestyal cruise Santorini 1

Relax in Milos and Samos

On a cruise you will also want to relax. Celestyal Cruise brings you to two island that are not that touristy. Milos, my favourite island of the itinerary, with its amazing lunar landscape and Samos, close to the border of Turkey. An island nit so typic for Greece, it reminded me more of Italy or Croatia than the typical white island of Greece but not less beautiful and charming. On Samos also, you will want to taste the wine, as it is one of the best wine in Greece.

Greek island hopping with Celestyal cruise Milos 2

Greek island hopping with Celestyal cruise Samos

Greek island hopping with Celestyal cruise Samos 1

Enjoy the city of Heraklion

Finally, Celestyal cruise also stops in Crete. Crete is a huge island so you will want to concentrate on the area that is around the port. Why not do a little city trip to Heraklion or see the famous Knossos palace.

Celestyal cruise on board experience

What I first want to praise about the on board experience is how friendly and polite the staff was. This helps a lot to get the best possible experience. 

The ship has got three restaurant, which is very nice so that we don’t need to wait for a table. For dinner, there is a buffet and à la carte option. We mainly ate the à la carte dinner which was very good. I only regret it had not that much greek food.

About the entertainment, I personally don’t need much entertainment, I prefer at least day time to go off the boat and explore but there are definitely activities for people of every age. In the evening, I liked to watch the show performances and later on have some fun at the karaoke. This is not for every taste but it is also possible to listen some some live music or just have a drink on the outside bar of the boat.

Regarding the facilities, I used the spa for a massage. It also has a sauna and a jacuzzi and there is a pool and a gym for those who want to stay active.

All in all I liked the experience with Celestyal Cruise, I wished the ship would be a bit more modern regarding the interior but as I mentioned before it is not so much about the onboard experience but more about the destinations so it is fine.

You can book your on the Celestyal cruise Website and for more informations about Greece visit Discover Greece

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*This trip was organized by Discover Greece and Celestyal Cruise. All opinions remain my own

**Pictures : Roland Kunos