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A luxury cruise through the Greek Islands on the MS Europa 2

on board a 5 stars plus luxury cruise ship

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw that I was on a luxury cruise through the greek island on the MS Euopa 2 recently. It was my very first cruise and it started in a fabulous way, on board a 5 stars plus luxury cruise ship.

I already shared some impressions with you live via social media, so let’s talk about being on a cruise and I will answer some questions people asked me over and over again.

So welcome on board the MS Europa 2!

Arrival on the luxurious MS Europa 2

After spending 2 days in Rhodos with my friend Vicky, we started our cruise through the Greek Islands on the port of the old town of Rhodos.

I had absolutely no idea how a cruise ship would look like from the inside and I got very surprised when I entered the lobby that looked like the one of a luxurious hotel.

lobby MS Europa 2 luxury cruise ship bis-min lobby MS Europa 2 luxury cruise ship-min

After our check in over a glass of champagne, we went into our room. One of the veranda suite, where a welcome gift was waiting for me : a bottle of Duval Leroy champagne and a fruit basket.

5 stars plus luxury cruise MS Europa 2 welcome gift-min

The Veranda suite on board the MS Europa 2

Every room on board the MS Europa 2 is a suite with a veranda and sea view but there are different categories and size. While the Penthouse suite is 42 square meters, the Veranda suite is the smallest room category but it is still very spacious with 28 square meters.

The veranda suite has a bathroom with both shower and bathtube, a walking closet, a king size bed and a living area with TV, tablet, a mini bar and a Nespresso machine that is refilled everyday.

Also, everyday in the afternoon the fruit basket is refilled and every night a midnight snack is put on the pillows on the bed. One of the many small attention we got on board the MS Europa 2.

room veranda suite ME Europa 2 5 stars plus luxury cruise MS Europa 2 veranda suite-min Veranda Suite MS Europa 2 luxury cruise ship-min

Talking about food I am now reviewing the food and drinks experience on board the MS Europa 2.

Food and drinks on board the MS Europa 2

– Let’s start with breakfast.

I tested 2 of the breakfast options. On the first day I woke up very early to see the sunrise so I went to seat for breakfast at the Yacht club. I had breakfast while the ship was entering the bay of Santorini. This was truly magical and the open terasse at the Yacht club allowed me to truly enjoy the view. This is one good reason to have breakfast with everyone else. Another good reason is the wide choice of food from cereals, yoghurt, muesli, eggs, cold cuts, cheese, varieties of honey, fruits, breads, etc. I wish I stayed longer on the boat so I would try every breakfast options 😀

“The open terasse of the Yacht Club”

Yacht club MS Europa 2 cruise ship-min

One day when I felt very tired I ordered in room breakfast. It is perfect for me time in the privacy on your room. I sat on my veranda and enjoyed the quietude of the sea.

“In room breakfast”

In room breakfast MS Europa 2 luxury cruise ship-min

– Lunch on the MS Europa 2

The dinner option on board is an all inclusive dinner option which means you can eat . This way you can have a buffet lunch at the Yacht club where you will find every day new lunch dishes as well as a pasta and grill station. I had lunch there 2 times. The other days I was off the boat during lunch time to explore the islands of our port of call so I either skipped lunch or I ate lunch later in the Sansibar.

– Dinner on the MS Europa 2

There are many dinner option on board the MS Europa 2. Again it is possible to have a buffet dinner at the Yacht club. Note that on Thursday there is Caviar on the menu 😉 This is the one and only time I saw people line up on this cruise. I have been told, it is much different on other cruise ships, people do queue much more often.

Another option is to reserve one of the 7 restaurants. My tip here is to be quick for the reservation as some restaurants are very popular.

The culinary options from Italian to Asian food are sure to please every palate. My favorite were the French restaurant Tarragon, the Asian restaurant Elements as well as the sushi restaurant Sakura.

“Tarragon, the french restaurant”

dinning restaurant MS Europa 2 cruise ship terragon french restaurant food bis-min

“Elements the Asian restaurant”

Europa 2 cruise ship Elements asian restaurant-min Dinning Elements MS Europa 2 luxury cruise ship

– Drinks on the MS Europa 2 

For those who want to have a drink after or even before dinner, there are 6 bars to choose from all proposing different experiences and a large wine and spirits Selection. It is possible to do tastings. We did one champagne tasting and since the MS Europa 2 has got the largest gin selection at sea we did also a gin tasting. I did many tasting over the past years and it is always a great experience in which there is a lot to learn.
My highlight bar was the “Herrenzimmer” where you can smoke cigars. So classy!

“Champagne tasting”

Champagne tasting MS Europa 2 luxury cruise ship bis-min champagne tasting MS Europa 2-min

“Sipping a Martini in Herrenzimmer”

Travel blogger luxury cruise MS Europa 2 gin tasting-min

What to do on board the MS Europa 2 at day time

During my cruise through the greek islands, we navigated during night time and arrived in the early morning to our port of cruise so that I was quite busy during the day exploring our port of call.

When I finished exploring I would go back to the ship and enjoy one of the many things that you can do on board.

– Relax onbard the MS Europa 2

The most obvious thing to do, is to enjoy the swimming pool and relax on one of the sunbeds. The MS Europa 2 is the ship with the most space by passengers so that everywhere you go, it is never crowded. And therefore there is no need to reserve a sunbed with a towel 😉

Pool MS Europa 2 luxury cruise ship-min Sunbed MS Europa 2 luxury cruise ship bis-min Pool area MS Europa 2 luxury cruise ship-min sunbed MS Europa 2 luxury cruise ship-min

Beside the pool, there are two jacuzzis, one on the highest deck and one in the spa area that has also three separate saunas, one steam room and a large selection of treatments

travel blogger jacuzzi luxury cruise ship MS Europa 2 Travel blogger luxury cruise MS Europa 2 spa-min jacuzzi spa MS Europa 2 luxury cruise ship -min

There is also a library where you will find books and games and a work space.

– Stay active on board the MS Europa 2

When I am home I am always going to the gym 3 times a week. The problem is, I am not often at home but I try to stay active as much as I can. When I received all the travel informations by post about the MS Europa 2 I got very excited by the mountain bike tours that allows you to discover the different destinations on a bike. We did a bike tour on the Island of Naxos and I loved it. It is a great way to stay active but also to discover a destination with a complete other way.

Mountain bike tour MS Europa 2-min

I also used the on board gym. The fitness room is quite small but there is all you need and there is no better gym than one overlooking the sea. I loved the view so much that I could have keep running on the treadmill for hours!

For those who play golf, there is even a golf simulator. I tried it one night with the other people in my group it was very fun but I have to admit I have absolutely no talent for golf 😀

What to do on board the MS Europa 2 at night time

Finally let’s talk about the entertainment onboard the MS Europa 2. Every night there is a large program to choose from. Live music, dance performances, screenings. It is all a question of taste. I have to say that I am not a huge fan of entertainment. I prefer a good movie or drinks with friends. For the latest, the Sansibar is the perfect place to have a good drink and dance.


I had the best time on board the MS Europa 2. I love to be close to the sea and my dream was always to go on a cruise one day. I was always thinking of doing it later, when I would be older. But honestly there is no age to cruise. There is no age to contemplate the beauty of our world especially if you do it on a 5 stars plus cruise ship. Most people with a day job are stressed and don’t have much time. When I hear my friends, they all say “I want to go here and there”. Their travel list are endless but it is just not possible for them to explore many places, their schedule allow them to go to just a few, if even, every year. Most of the time they are so stressed that they take holidays to stay home just to relax. To all of them, and all those in the same situation, I would suggest to go on a cruise like the MS Europa 2. It is absolute relaxation, great service, and different places to discover all at the same time.

In my case, I went to Greece a few times but I always dreamed to discover the Greek islands. I Since there are so many I did not know which one to visit first. This cruise gave me a first impression and I will probably go back to the places I liked the most. More about this in another article where I will share with you breathtaking pictures of places where the MS Europa 2 dropped anchor.

Travel blogger luxury cruise MS Europa 2-min 5 stars plus MS Europa 2 luxury cruise ship

“With the captain of the MS Europa 2”

impression MS Europa 2 luxury cruise ship-min

My best partner in crimes, Vicky and Vic 🙂

travel blogger MS Europa 2 luxury cruise ship

*This trip was made possible thanks to an invitation by Hapag Lloyd.
*The opinions expressed here represent, as always, my own.