Guest ready or how to make the most out of when you are away

 As you know I am traveling quite often and it happened often that I rent or exchange my apartment during this time.
I find it convenient as I like myself often to stay in someone else’s property while visiting a new city. It makes you feel like a local!
However I came across a few issues while renting my apartment. Indeed, when I am away for quite a while, I often just get a reservation for a few days and then another few days but it is hard to accept such a request as I would need someone to do the check-out, cleaning, washing, reparations or shopping if needed and then do the check- in again. This is why I found GuestReady a great option, as they offer a complete airbnb management service for your home. They take care not only of the latest but they also take care of the communication and approval with upcoming guests.
I particularly like the fact that guest easy makes in-person check-in and ask for ID documents in order to verify’s one identity. This is soo important in case of problems later! Also this is a reason that motivates me to rent my apartment to a complete stranger in the first place.
So handy if you have no regular internet connection or if you are just too busy to take care of these things while away yourself.
Last but not least, it also list the property at the best price for a certain time frame so you can get out the most of your rental. You might indeed not know yourself what price to charge or what events are going on in your city that could help you charge more. This is definitely the case in big cities where a lot is happening such as Berlin or London.
This is my tip if you want to rent your apartment while you are away. Also, there you rent, the more you can travel 😉