Hotel Pullman Cannes Mandelieu Royal Casino

A few weeks ago I spent a few days in the South of France and with my friend Chloe, we stayed at the Hotel Pullman Cannes Mandelieu Royal Casino.

Before heading to the South of France we were looking a lot on where to stay and this task was not the easiest. Indeed we planned to go for 4 days only so we didn’t want to go too far from Nice to not loose to mich time. We rather spent that time by the beach. My friend Chloe really wanted to stay in Monaco, Cannes or Nice because she wanted some action and was scared ti get bored in a small town while I was really looking to relax so I wanted to avoid the “big” cities. At the end find a good compromises to stay next to Cannes, at the Pullman Cannes Mandelieu Royal Casino. The hotel is very close from Cannes, around 15 minutes by train and even less by car. So it is really convenient if you want to go out or go shopping. But still you have your own quiet beach.

The Pullman Cannes Mandelieu Royal Casino is as its name says an hotel but also a casino. For this reason I was a bit scared that it would be a really big hotel with a lot of noise and not so cool people coming from the outside to gamble but actually we almost did not notice the Casino. We went inside once and it was very relaxed with a nice atmosphere.

About the hotel.

I mentioned a few times already that I was disappointed by some 4 stars hotels. Many times I felt the price-quality ratio was not what it should be. Bad breakfast, no water in the room, shabby room etc.

At the Pullman I was really satisfied. The room was furnished with design items and there was a lot of effort put in the details. Everyday we had complimentary mineral water refill. It sounds like nothing but when you are somewhere hot and you have to pay your water 4 euros every time it can get really expensive.

The bathroom was really big and every room had it’s own balcony.

During the day we mostly stayed by the beach/pool. The only thing that annoyed me quite a bit is that you have to reserve your sun bed/sun chair at arrival otherwise all the best spot are gone. And the problem is, people don’t even come on that day or arrive late in the afternoon so that even if you arrive early in the morning you can’t lay in those sun chairs as they are reserved. Also I felt like the price was quite expensive. 20euros for a sun chair even though you are a guest at the hotel. A friend told me it is always like this in the south of France though, soI guess the hotel can’t do much about it, it is the mentality of the are. (Never had this before though).

About the food. We didn’t eat at the hotel, only for breakfast but the lunch/dinner place looked great. The breakfast had something for every taste, and unlike many hotels in France there were not only sweet things to eat 😉

Enjoy the picture of the hotel below and book a room HERE.


* Unpaid advertisement – Upon invitation by Pullman cannes