Summer in Flims, Switzerland – Hiking, Via ferrata, turquoise lakes, etc

Summer in Flims Switzerland – Hiking Via ferrata turquoise lakes

Recently I spent a few days of summer in Flims, Switzerland, where I spent a few days hiking, experienced my first via Ferrata and bathed in turquoise lakes.

I went to Switzerland for the first time 2 years ago, in winter wonderland that is Zermatt. It was love at first sight. Switzerland is really how you would imagine a fairy tale country to look like. Therefore, I was really excited to spend a few days in the canton of Graubünden, in Flims more exactly, to explore more of Switzerland.

Flims is quite easy to access. the nearest airport is Zurich, from where you take a train to Chur and then a bus to your final destination. It sounds much more complicated than it actually is. The transportation is indeed very well organized with ongoing connection, etc.
The bus stopped right in front of our hotel, the Rocksresort in Laax, where we checked into one of their modern apartment.

After a little snack we started our 3 days of adventures with an e-bike tour to Crestasee, a small lake with blue-green waters in the forest. This lake is perfect to spend to end up the day relaxing, standup paddling and with a barbecue, after a hiking tour or as we did after a biking tour.

Summer in Flims Crestasee Stand Up Paddling Crestasee Switzerland Crestasee Flims Switzerland Summer in Flims Barbecue Crestasee Switzerland

On day 2, the alarm rang very early to go on the Pinut Via ferrata, the oldest Via Ferrata in Switzerland. This was my very first experience of this type. I have to say that I was very scared at first but to be honest it looks more impressive than it actually is. The first ladder is the most difficult one because you have to push yourself to go on it but after this, you get used to the height so that the whole experience gives you just the right amount of thrills you are looking for when doing this kind of activities. Also the view is so worth it that you would regret not to do it. Count around 3 hours of climbing with some walks in between.

FYI – The Pinut Via Ferrata is perfect for beginners, and accessible from 12 years old. You can go on your own or with an experienced guide. You will find all informations HERE.

Pinut Via Ferrata Flims Switzerland

At arrival we signed the book that we made it to the end and headed over to the Alp for breakfast. No service here, in Switzerland, you will still find chalet with self service. You take whatever you would like and leave the money in a little box. Trust it is!!

Pinut Via Ferrata Travel blogger Switzerland inut Via Ferrata Hiking Flims Switzerland Hiking Flims Switzerland

After we relaxed a bit we went to down to Bargis by the „Scala Mola“, a roman stone stair. To be honest this part of the trip was more tiring than the Via Ferrata itself. But hey, it is still impressive to see what the roman built in the 17th century!!

Summer in Flims Bargis by the „Scala Mola“

After that much adventure we spent the rest of the afternoon at Caumasee, the most known lake in the area that is famous for it’s heart shaped form and it’s turquoise water. Unlike Crestasee where we went the day before, you have to pay an entrance fee but it is way bigger. You can rent standup paddles, boats, pedalo and there is a proper restaurant on site.

Summer in Flims Caumasee Summer in Flims Switzerland Caumasee Caumasee

On day 3, we packed up our thing ready to go on a 2 day hike through the Segnes plains. From Flims went with chairlift to Foppa and then to Naraus. From there we started a 2 hours hike up to “Segneshütte” where we had lunch. Mountain eating of course : typical Pitzokel and Rösti, because we needed lot of energy. The pass until there was quite easy, with wonderful view on the valley.

Hiking Segnes plains lower segna plains Flims Switzerland Swiss food Rösti

After lunch we continued our way to the top of the mountain. We crossed different kind of landscape, from very flat with spectacular waterfalls to a lunar landscape through winter landscape with snow.

hiking segna plains Flims Switzerland hike Flims Segnes plains   Hiking Flims Segnes pass hiking Segnes pass

14km later, we finally arrived at our destination : the Mountain Lodge where we spent the night. The trail was not really difficult. It is just important to go at your own pace. Only the last meters before arriving at the Mountain Lodge were more difficult but nothing too crazy. We were happy we finally arrived though and congratulated ourselves the Swiss way with a Röteli, liquor from the region.

Segnes pass hike

From the Mountain lodge we had an impressive view on the Martin’s hole, literally a round hole in the mountain but also on what is a UNESCO Heritage, the Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona. There you can see what happened millions years ago, when the continents of Africa and Europe collided. From there you can really see how the younger mountains went on top of the older mountains because of this movement. To me it is really interesting to see things I have learn in books.

If you are interested in Staying at the Mountain Lodge you can find all informations HERE.

Segnes pass Travel blogger Switzerland

Next morning, we woke up at 6:30 and went back down the same way we went up until the Segneshütte and from there we took a new pass : „TRUTG DI FLEM“, from where we could admire along the way waterfalls, gorges and bridges.

TRUTG DI FLEM Watertrail Flims Summer in Flims watertrail TRUTG DI FLEM

Last but not least we ended our stay in Switzerland with a delicious lunch at Grandis Ustria Startgels. A mountain eating close to the Foppa chairlift.

Grandis Ustria Startgels Grandis Ustria Startgels Grandis Ustria Startgels

I had the best time in Switzerland and can’t wait to explore more. Maybe soon on a roadtrip through Switzerland!

* Pictures : Vicky, Annie, Helenand I

**This trip was organized by Flims Tourism. Thank you!!!

My opinion remains my own.