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My first Yoga retreat in Mallorca at Finca Son Manera

As you might now from my Instagram stories, I practice yoga from time to time. I am definitely not a yogi but tried my first yoga retreat in Mallorca a few weeks ago.

As I planned my trip to Mallorca I knew that I wanted to see the town of Palma de Mallorca (I stayed at Hotel Cort in the center of Palma) and then go around the island to see how it looks like. What I wanted to avoid at any cost though was the party places like Ballerman or Magaluf and rather stay in a quiet and charming area. The offer by Indigoulaub to try out their yoga retreat at Finca Son Manera came perfectly.

I rented a car and drove from Palma to Montuiri where the Finca is situated. Montuiri is a little village in the middle of Mallorca. As I had a car I was super happy with the location but the Finca offers shuttle services to the beach or to locals markets anyway. That way you never feel stuck. This is important to me as I love to go around. I actually made a road trip around the island but some people liked to stay at the Finca all day for relaxing.

Review Finca Son Manera

The Finca Son Manera organizes several retreats per year. You can see the dates on Indigourlaub : a company that, by the way, organizes holidays with Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation and Ayurveda programs. All for the body and mind.

Before talking about the retreat, let’s talk about the beautiful Finca. As mentionned above the Finca is situated in the middle of the island, around 1 hour drive from Palma in the village of Montuiri. The Finca is situated in the countryside not in the village center and has beautiful views over the village and the mountains.

I loved to stay in a typical Finca. The space that the Finca has is enormous. It has a huge pool area, spa, even a football field and plenty of space to walk around. The rooms are very spacious, some of them even have a little balcony.

The food served at the Finca is all organic and vegan. I am neither vegan or vegetarian but the chef makes delicious dishes and especially cakes. There is meat only one a week and ham for breakfast.

Yoga retreat at Finca Son Manera Mallorca pool

Yoga retreat in Mallorca

I don’t think I would have come to the idea of booking a yoga retreat for my holidays but I am always open to new experiences and was thinking why not. It was a very positive experience. Actually when in Sri Lanka, I again did a yoga retreat at an Ayurveda retreat. (More on this soon).

The yoga retreat in Mallorca at Finca Son Manera is generally for a week. Every one arrives on the same day so that you can start the journey together. I arrived a few days after the retreat started and find it a bit difficult to integrate because everyone already knew each others. When Saturday arrived, a new group arrived and it was much easier to talk with people. Because everyone was new, was open to meet new people and came for the same thing. Therefore, I recommend to arrive on the same day as everyone else. Then, it is a great experience as you are with people in the same state of find as you.

Yoga classes are two times a day. One time in the morning before breakfast and one time in the late afternoon. Some teachers will also do a bit of meditation and other won’t. Also the yoga you do can be different from one teacher to another. While with the first teacher I did more of a flow kind of yoga, I did Yin yoga (sorry can’t remember the name) with the second teacher. I also had the opportunity to try stand up paddling yoga for the first time. I really liked it and wish I arrived a bit earlier at the Finca to be able to do it every day.

My yoga level is intermediate but there was people more advanced and beginners as well. The teacher will do the course depending on the level of the group so that everyone can follow of challenged if they wish to.

The Finca also organizes special retreats. When I was there, another group arrived the day before my departure that was there for a detox week. They as us did yoga twice a day but they also had courses about detoxing made by a specialist. Also an interesting thing to do.

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