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My Givenchy evening makeup for brown eyes

This is my very first makeup post in which I will show a Givenchy evening makeup for brown eyes I created with their products.

This is my very first makeup article and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

On a daily basis I only wear blush and a nude lipstick so I didn’t feel the need to publish any makeup article. When I go out though, I recently started wearing eye makeup (thanks to the Wayne Goss Youtube channel) so I thought it is now the moment to start talking about make up on the blog.

I knew that when in Marrakech I would probably go out for dinner and drinks either at the hotel or in a nice restaurant so I teamed up with Givenchy to create an elegant Givenchy evening makeup.

The idea was to create an oriental makeup up but I am not that advanced yet so I ended up creating a nice and simple evening look.

To create it I used Givenchy Teint Couture balm and concealer that came out a few days ago. The balm is between a foundation and a CC cream. So that it is light on your skin but still covers your imperfection and nourishes your skin thanks to the antioxidant complex of vitamin E and jasmine flower. All in one it is perfect for people who are not huge fans of foundation like me.

The Givenchy teint couture concealer is a two in one. It is made of two colors and is therefore both a concealer and a highlighter. I was a bit skeptical when I first used it because of the two colors it looked a bit complicated but once you get what colour is made for what the concealer is very easy to use.

I then started doing my eyes. I used the “Confidence” Prisme Quatuor eyeshadow palette that is perfect for brown eyes. The phenomen’eyes mascara that is waterproof and the Givenchy liner vinyl eyeliner.

To finish I used the nude lipstick : Le rouge Givenchy beige mousse line 101 because the focus was already on the eyes. I love this lipstick so much. First I love the packaging, it comes in a leather tube : so chic! and second I love the consistence and the mat effect.

Enjoy the pictures below. I hope you like the look.


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