Chloe lace dress for less by Honey Punch

ONE by Honey Punch Lace Mini Dress black

I had an eye on this Lace Mini Dress for months. It is a Chloe lace dress for less by Honey Punch, a designer from the US.
I first saw the Chloe lace dress on some models who wore it at Coachella. I though it was such a nice design with the cutouts but when I saw the price I gave up very quickly. I mean 4000Euros for a dress? Maybe in another life haha.
I then was looking through the dresses on Shopbop and saw this Chloe lace dress lookalike.
I first wanted it in white but it was always sold out. Probably because it looked exactly like the actual Chloé lace dress. At some point it got available in black. Let me tell you that I didn’t wait for long to order it. 88Euros for something I have seen on the runway. It is a gift. I don’t really like to buy clothes that are a copy from a designer collection so I am really happy with this Honey Punch dress in black. It is a good alternative. In white it would have been too see-through anyway.

For you information, the sizing is a bit bigger. I got my dress in S but I think a XS would have fit perfectly.

This dress is already my favorite summer dress. I know I will be able to wear it for the next years as it is really timeless.

I am wearing :

Honey Punch Lace dress
Loeffler Randall sandals
Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera


Chloe lace dress for less by Honey Punch Honey Punch lace dress in black german fashion blogger wearing a Chloe lace dress for less by Honey Punch