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Packing for the middle east to Israel and Jordan

Right now I am on my way to the middle east, and I wanted to show you in this post what I am packing with me to Israel and Jordan.

The middle east sis a part of the world I have never been to and that I am super excited to see. On my list : Israel : Jerusalem and Tel Aviv as well as Jordan.

While packing for the middle east I am not taking with me the same things as I would take with me to Spain. Even though Israel and Jordan are not so strict regarding clothes I believe one should show respect to the culture and religion and dress appropriately. I am definitely leaving sleeveless top and dresses at home as well as my shortest shorts, at least for the time that I will spend in Jerusalem and Jordan.

1 – Miu Miu sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun

2 – A scarf to protect my self from the sand, to keep warm during the chilly nights and to cover myself

3 – My brand new Olympus PEN E-PL8 to capture all amazing moments I am going to experience

4 & 5 – Flare sleeve blouse that goes with everything and hide my shoulders and arms

6 – Vichy suncream to protect my skin from the sun

7 – Flower print dress that is long enough to cover my legs

8 – Embroidered jeans that is not a skinny jeans for every day

9 – Herschel Supply Co. backpack to put all I need inside