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Road trip – Toronto to Montreal drive itinerary

Toronto to Montreal scenic drive

Today I am sharing with you the second part of my road trip in Canada : my Toronto to Montreal drive and return.

A lot of people take the plane in order to reach the two cities or take a train ride but I feel like renting a car allows you to see so much more of what is Canada, especially if you like nature.

Scenic drive from Toronto to Montreal – Take road ON-400N and ON-11

From Toronto, we head up north toward Algonquin park. With our rented car from Sunny Cars, we took road ON-400N and ON-11 for a very scenic drive. Mainly flat farmland and forest and more cows than people but how so peaceful.

It is nice to do stop around Kawartha lake and maybe sleep in a cottage to enjoy the nature and the lake.

For those interested in the historic part of Canada, you might want to stop at the Bobcaygeon settlers village where you can learn what life was like for pioneers in the Kawartha’s.

Toronto to Montreal scenic drive 3

Toronto to Montreal – Hike at Algonquin National Park

If Canada is well known for something it is for it’s fabulous nature. On your way to Montreal it is worth it to make a detour North to Algonquin National Park. The park is huge and is home to moose and bears  among others. It is possible to meet the if you go on a longer hike.

Algonquin Park is just a great way to breathe nature. I recommend you to go camping if you are there in the summer months. That way you can also enjoy the lakes.  Kayaking is also very popular in the park.

To access the park by car you will need to purchase a permit that will cost you 17dollars during the week and 20dollars during the weekend.

Toronto to Montreal drive Algonquin Park Toronto to Montreal drive Algonquin Park 2

Ski or relax at Mont Tremblant

Around 2 hours away from Montreal, is the famous Mont Tremblant. Mont Tremblant is a ski resort where people from Montreal go in the winter. It has cute little shops and cafés.

Mont Tremblant is nice to see all year long with amazing wellness hotels. See my hotel tip below. But I wish to go back once in the winter to ski!

Toronto to Montreal drive Mont Tremblant Toronto to Montreal drive Mont Tremblant 1

Hotel tip for Mont Tremblant – Hotel Quintessence

Hotel Quintessence is the most luxurious hotel in Mont Tremblant. It has amazing spacious rooms, a pool and a jacuzzi overlooking the lake, everything at a very affordable price. Book it here. *

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Hotel Quintessence Mont Tremblant 4 Hotel Quintessence Mont Tremblant 8 Hotel Quintessence Mont Tremblant 2


For what to do in Montreal, I will post an article very soon.

Montreal to Toronto scenic drive – Back via old Highway 2 (County road 2)

If you drive back to Toronto, I suggest you take another way so that you see more things. Take the old highway 2 for a nice road trip. It will take you longer than if you take highway 401 but it will be more interesting as you will pass by Long Sault Parkway  eleven island connected by each other via bridges, the 1000 islands parkway with nice views over the Saint Lawrence river and the Thousand Islands International Bridge that connects the Canada to the USA.

Road Trip Toronto to Montreal drive highway 401

Definitely a nice roadtrip. You can do it in 3/4 days or more if you have time and want to plan some activities.

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