Today I am showing you my Marlies Dekkers Holi Vintage swimsuit. Generally I like to wear bikinis more than one piece swimwear but I also feel like bikini are not appropriate at some occasion. Poolside at Daios Cove, a 5 stars luxury resort in Crete I though it was more appropriate to wear something classy. I […]

When in Greece, I had the chance to stay at an amazing boutique hotel in Crete with private pool. Here is my Daios Cove review Boutique hotel in Crete and top service I arrived at Daios Cove last Monday evening and the first thing I noticed was the service. I arrived late because my flight […]

We visited Eastern Crete, famous for it’s beautiful fishing villages and turquoise beaches and not that touristic. Definitely the best area of Crete. Crete is quite a big island so if you don’t have a lot of time in your hand you might want to explore the area around where you are staying. Eastern Crete […]