Technologic – My blogger essentials


Hello!! September was such an expensive month, i invested in a few technologic stuffs for the blog and wanted to show you what i use/need for blogging beside my computer.

First thing i really needed was a new phone since i lost my very old iphone 4 a few weeks ago. I went of course for Apple, and for the new iphone 6.
It is not that i am an Apple addict but i my computer is Apple and so it’s just easier when connecting both to have all from the same brand. I would not have an Apple computer, i would have got the Samsung Galaxy i tried during Berlin Fashion Week (See here).

canon 24 70 lenses 2 8 wd wireless

First thing i got is an external hard drive. I had only one with all my life on it, that is 3 years old and knew that if it brokes or get stolen or anything i would just loose anything. It was high time to get a new one. With the latest innovation i sure got a wireless hard drive, the WD My Passport that allows me to put data on it from my computer or from my phone via an app : WD’s My Cloud, or even directly from my camera since there is a build in card slot which is perfect for when i travel.

Second thing i got is a new lens for my camera. I was not happy with my outfit post lately and also not with my pictures i did while traveling so i decided to invest into a wide angle lens (24-70mm, f/2,8L) by Tamron. I hesitated a long time but i asked a few photographer who assured me that a Tamron lens is as good as a Canon one.
I am happy indeed and don’t regret i bought a Tamron that is much cheaper instead of a over-expensive Canon lens.


Last but not least while blogging are my Frends Headphone. They are not new, they are nearly one year old but i stay faithful to them since the design is beautiful and the sound is good quality. Can only recommand you to buy them.

Next item i would like to buy is an IPAD since i hate carrying around my heavy computer. I’m not sure yet if i can really blog with it so i’m hesitating. If you have any experience with it please let me know 🙂