The best service for your moving day!

You probably have been there. Once in a while it is time to move places. Sometimes in might be in the same street (it happened to me) and sometimes it might be in a different area of your city, another city or even abroad.

One question is always, who is going to help me move? If you are lucky you can ask some strong friends, but it can happen that, that one strong friend is sick that day :/ And then what to do?! Or you can take some students who are looking to make ends meet but this also, if it’s snowing, or if they had a part the night before could be a terrible option.

The best is to let professional do the job. But here again, who to ask. Are the prices fair? Luckily, I have a tip for you. On Umzug-365, you can compare prices of professional moving companies and their services work also if you wish to move abroad! Beside this, you can also compare the price of furniture transportation, and of furniture lift if you lift is too small, your neighbors won’t let you use it or if you are so unlucky that you don’t even have a lift 😀