Katz Orange Berlin – Fancy dining and regional kitchen

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Recently I returned to Katz Orange. Katz Orange is one of my favorite restaurant in Berlin. It is situated in a backyard on a side street of Torstrasse in Mitte.

I really like this place as the food is of good quality and the restaurant is really fancy cozy.

Ambiance at Katz Orange Berlin

I got to know Katz Orange via fashion weeks events and the restaurant became with the time one of my favorite restaurant in Berlin. The food really never disappoints. Beside this, I like to go to Katz Orange especially in the winter. The wood interior, the south American printed cushions & carpets and huge chandelier make the place very cozy.

The crowd you will find at Katz Orange will range from creative to business people. It is the perfect place for dinner and drinks before a night out!

Food at Katz Orange Berlin

The chef at Katz Orange, Daniel Finke found his inspiration in his travels around the world; you can see it’s influence into the interior but also into the food. This is why you will find on the menu dishes inspired by Asia, orient, etc but also Germany.

I came a few times to Katz Orange and the highlight is definitely the meat but also the french fries in organic duck goose!! So good. I also have a weakness for their lamb. It is amazing!

As part of the Contemporary Food Lab’s gastronomic project, Katz Orange offers regional products and works with suppliers having a strong ethic regarding production, quality and waste.

Beside it’s great food, Katz Orange also has a great wine list, including a few vintage and many natural wines.

You can check the menu here

Katz Orange : Bergstrasse 22, Berlin

PS : If you like Katz Orange, you might also like Panama that is a restaurant from the same group.

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