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10 activities in Mauritius Hike Le Morne

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We went to the paradise island that is Mauritius. Below you will find my Mauritius tips for what to do in Mauritius

I had seen tons of pictures of Mauritius over the years. But I could not wait to see for myself how this island actually looks like.

Mauritius Island

First thing that surprised me is that the island is very big. To me “island” always sounds small but it takes you +1,5hours to go from North to South and around the same to go from East to West. To Mauritius belongs even Rodrigues island, around one hour flight away from the main island of Mauritius!

The island is also very diverse. Most people know Mauritius for it’s beaches but it has so much more to offer. It has a rich history, diverse landscape and of course the most amazing beaches. To explore it all you will have to come back again and again, especially because the island is changing very quick. It will even soon have a subway!

As you can see Mauritius is very diverse so let’s see what to do in Mauritius!

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Hiking Le Morne mountain in Mauritius

If you are wondering what to do in Mauritius, Hiking Le Morne mountain in Mauritius is probable THE activity that you have to do. It is a very popular hike and it takes you around 3 hours return. The hike takes you to the highest point of Le Morne mountain. From there you have amazing views over the island and the close by Le Morne lagoon.

Mauritius tips : The hike need to be made with a professional as the trail is not the easiest! People who are scared of heights should also reconsider doing this hike.

10 activities in Mauritius

Children friendly activities in Mauritius – Feed giant turtles in La Vanille Park

Normally I am not someone who likes animal parks but I was positively surprised at la Vanille Park. It is perfect if you have children. La Vanille Nature Park is full of lush vegetation with animals like crocodiles, monkeys, lemur, etc. You can also feed baby crocodiles and giant turtles that once were on the island. The project around the giant turtles is really interesting as behind it there is a conservation project. Indeed, the park introduced captive breeding to reintroduce the giant turtles into the wild later on to among other save the forest in Madagascar.

What to do in Mauritius | Swim with dolphins

There are many dolphin tours available in Mauritius and start South of the Island from the Black River Jetty where dolphins (and whales) are mostly present. I found a great tour company : Vitamin Sea that allows you to go swim with wild dolphins. For the memories of the experience you can also book a photoshoot with Cedric!

Biking through Chamarel and zip lining

Chamarel is a touristic village in Mauritius famous for it’s waterfall and the seven coloured earth. You can visit the area on an electric bike and for the most adventurous, you can go on a zip line.

Mauritius tips :  when in Chamarel, take the chance to eat some creole food. We ate at Mme Beeharry. Palm salad from the garden and fresh fish of the day.

Rhum and tea tasting on the Mauritian Tea Route

If you drive a bit around the island you will see that there are plenty of sugar cane and tea fields. The sugar cane industry used to be the first revenue generator for the economy for a very long time before the tourism came.

To learn more about the history you can take the Mauritian Tea Route.

Your first stop will be at Domaine des Aubineaux, a colonial house and museum about Mauritian tea followed by Bois Cheri town that hosts the oldest tea plantation for a tea tasting.

Your third stop on the Mauritian Tea Route will be the Saint Aubin House a colonial house where sugar and rum is produced.

10 activities in Mauritius Mauritian Tea Route 10 activities in Mauritius Ru tasting

Activities in Mauritius : Catamaran excursion to Ile aux cerfs and Golf

Ile aux Cerfs is an island situated on the east side of Mauritius. It is a popular day trip. You can book a catamaran cruise that will take you to Grand River Waterfalls, to a snorkeling spot to end up the day on Ile aux Cerfs. The place is very crowded but if you walk away a little bit you can find your own little corner of paradise.

Golf amateurs might also want to play on Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, a 18 hole golf course.

Snorkeling at blue bay marine park

If you want to see great sea life, the Blue Bay Marine park, a protected area, is the best place on the island. Snorkeling is definitely one of the activities in Mauritius that you don’t want to miss!

Sport activities in Mauritius

Mauritius tips : I did not know anything about it but Mauritius is one of the top destination for kite surfing especially in the winter. The best spot for it is at Le Morne beach.

Hiking is also definitely a thing. Beside hiking at Le Morne there are many trails available on the island. Some of the most popular are in the Riviere Gorges and the Tamarind falls which I have heard are amazing!

As on many other island, diving is also an option as well as all other kind of water sports. Those are generally available for free at your hotel!

10 activities in Mauritius Kite Surf

Top Mauritius Tips – Underwater Scooter adventure

For those who can’t dive or swim but still want to discover the underwater world, Mauritius has one of a kind experience. The Underwater scooter adventure. You go on a mini submarine that takes you up to 35meters deep so that you can see the best of the marine life!

Eat street food and go shopping at the Central Market in Port Louis

If you are going to the main city, Port Louis, don’t miss the central Market. It is a big market selling everything from fresh food to souvenirs. What I enjoyed the most at the market was the food. In Mauritius you have a lot of different nationalities and therefore a lot of different kind of food : Chinese, Indian, Creole, etc. A good way to taste it all is to taste some snacks at the market.

10 activities in Mauritius port louis market

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