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Berlin tips – A Berlin boat tour with Boatify

Berlin blogger on a Berlin boat tour with Boatify

A little Berlin tips in today’s article. Two weeks ago I went to Wannsee for a Berlin boat tour with Boatify, a company that allows you to rent a boat / go on a boat trip together with friends at a very affordable price.

Their concept is to connect boat owners and skippers for them to make money and for you to create memorable experiences. If you have a boat you can list it on Boatify so that when you don’t need it, some people might use it to go on a trip. And if you are a sea captain, you can also register on the website to go to one of their upcoming trips.

Right now, Boatify offers boat tours in Berlin, Zurich, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
We went for a sundowner cruise on the Wannsee for as cheap as 20Euros per person, including 2 drinks. The tour is two hours on a motor yacht that has got space for 5 people. We watched the sunset, discovered the areas around the Wannsee – so many pretty houses -, had talks and drinks and we even ended up jumping in the water.

If you prefer to do a city boat tour, it is possible as well just check all the Boatify offers on the website.

For me, the sundowner cruise at Wannsee was perfect as I already did a Spree river cruise a few years ago. The Spree tour was nice of course, but it was very touristic and not personal at all. What I wanted this time was to just relax and enjoy the nice weather with my friends.

Boatify is a really good Berlin tip as it really allows you to create a moment just for you and your friends and it is very affordable. You have got no stress and if you want to stop somewhere, it is possible to talk to the skipper and do so.

Such a good concept. I am already thinking of maybe celebrate my birthday one one of their boat in September.

If you are not in Berlin or the city mentioned above check their website as I think that they will add more city soon.

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Pictures : Me and Eli

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