Back in July, I got my very first thing done on my face and I would like to share my experience with you. I am now in the beginning if my 30’s and I can start to see the first sign of aging. I don’t have a problem with aging. I learned to accept, that […]

Recently I returned to Katz Orange. Katz Orange is one of my favorite restaurant in Berlin. It is situated in a backyard on a side street of Torstrasse in Mitte. I really like this place as the food is of good quality and the restaurant is really fancy cozy. Ambiance at Katz Orange Berlin I […]

As a French expat I sometimes do miss French food in Berlin. Recently I got an invite for a French dinner at Colette, a Brasserie Tim Raue, a many times awarded chef . I am very picky when it comes to french food. I tried many french restaurants in Berlin but I was many times disappointed. […]

Recently I went to Stick’N’Sushis for the second time. This Japanese restaurant has became one of my favorite, if not my favorite sushi restaurant in Berlin. It is situated in the newly hyped Postdamer Strasse, a part of Berlin I always like more to go to because there is always something to discover, like Sticks’N’Sushi […]

Last week we have been invited to the opening of a new bar : Jamboree in the Grand Hyatt in Berlin. To welcome us: a red carpet, an elegant and sophisticated party, with exclusive cocktails, food, DJ set, ice-cream;candy truck, and of course fine champagne. Although Jamboree is part of the Grand Hyatt, the curators […]