Back in July, I got my very first thing done on my face and I would like to share my experience with you. I am now in the beginning if my 30’s and I can start to see the first sign of aging. I don’t have a problem with aging. I learned to accept, that […]

Recently I returned to Katz Orange. Katz Orange is one of my favorite restaurant in Berlin. It is situated in a backyard on a side street of Torstrasse in Mitte. I really like this place as the food is of good quality and the restaurant is really fancy cozy. Ambiance at Katz Orange Berlin I […]

Recently I had the opportunity to eat at Blend Berlin Kitchen and bar. I got aware of Blend Kitchen and bar as I saw the very cool interior design of the restaurant on Instagram so I was curious to try it out myself. The interior at Blend Berlin Kitchen and bar Blend Kitchen and bar […]