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Flying Noodles at Anjoy, vietnamese restaurant in Prenzlauer Berlin, Berlin

This week I tried Anjoy, a vietnamese restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

I almost never go to Prenzlauer Berg as I use to live there for many years and I have seen it all. But for the flying noodles I saw on Instagram I decided to take the long journey and try out Anjoy.

Obviously I ordered the flying noodles but for a starter I went for the Cha la lot, tender minced meat, prawns wrapped in lush green betel leaves & grilled over lava stone. Served with mint-fish-sauce. Super tasty.

Indeed unlike many vietnamese restaurant, I was happy to see in the menu more than the usual sommer rolls.

My eyes also notices the starters containing, lotus roots, banana-Blossoms, eel, and many more exotic ingredients.

Now about the flying noodles, I ordered the one with duck meat. Not only it looked amazing it was also delicious and very copious.

Beside the noodles that are a speciality of Anjoy, the menu has many classic dishes like Pho soup.

Anjoy also has got an interesting tee menu, I ordered one with mint leaves and Goji beer, a combination I have not seen anywhere else before.

Restaurant Anjoy
 – Rykestraße 11
 – 10405 Berlin

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