You probably have been there. Once in a while it is time to move places. Sometimes in might be in the same street (it happened to me) and sometimes it might be in a different area of your city, another city or even abroad. One question is always, who is going to help me move? […]

Like every year since 4 years now, took the annual Veuve Clicquot Rich reunion. The occasion to catch up with the Clicquologist from all over the world around a Veuve Clicquot Rich cocktail. After Paris, Reims, New York for the Polo Classic and Saint Tropez last year, we met this year in Montreal, Canada. During […]

Have you ever thought about flying to the Caribbean Islands just to spend your nights listening to music and dance the night away? Then North Sea Jazz Festival is in fact what you’ve been dreaming of. North Sea Jazz Festival – Curacao jazz festival The festival started in 2010 with big acts like Chris Brown, Lionel Richie, […]

Recently I went to London to reunion with some of my friends. We decided to rent a south Kensington apartment for our short stay in London. South Kensington apartment When you are traveling with friends it is always nice to stay together. Hotels are not always the best option as you may not want to […]

Exactly one week ago, I went to the Mercure Weinlese wine tasting event in the Mercure Hotel Berlin City. Weinlese is the wine tasting event during which it is decided which wine will be served in the Mercure hotels in Germany. During the event more than 80 wines are tested. The crowd composed of wine […]