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4 Days in Rome – Tips for Rome

4 Days in Rome - Tips for Rome colosseum view sunset

I spent 4 days in Rome. To me it has become one of the most beautiful city in the world. So full of charm and history. Below you will find my tips for Rome for a perfect stay!

We started walking around in Rome right when we landed. Let me tell you this city is breathtaking!! It is for a reason that we call it the “Eternal City” or that we say “Rome wasn’t build in a day”.

This city is so beautiful that it is now number 1 on my list of the most beautiful city in the world!

In Rome, there is something to discover on every corner!

Tips for Rome – Skip the line at the Vatican and Colosseum

If you want to visit the Colosseum and the Vatican (so worth it), it is said in every guide to buy your tickets online and this is not a joke. It is a bit more expensive but by buying our tickets on the internet we had no queue at all and saved lots of time!!

Also avoid days where admission is free, or you will queue for hours!

World by Isa wrote a full guide about the Museums at Vatican.

Tips for Rome – See the Pope in Rome

If you are religious, seeing the pope might be the highlight of your trip to Rome. You need to check his schedule on the official website of the Vatican. If he is in town, you can get tickets for the Papal audience on Wednesday’s on the Saint Peter’s square.

4 Days in Rome – Rome itinerary

Rome itinerary day 1 – Colosseum, Aventine hill, Palatine hill, Trastevere

On your first day you could start with a visit to the Colosseum. Before going for a walk on the Palatine hill to see the Roman forum from above. Then if you visit in summer, plan a picnic on the close by Avantine hill before going for a stroll and dinner in the Bohemian district of Trastevere as it has many great restaurants.

Rome itinerary day 2 – Centro Storico

On you second day in Rome, head over to the center of the city : “Centro Storico”, where there is many things to see. You can decide to visit the ruins of the Roman forum  and the Pantheon, a roman temple that is until today very well preserved. Later stroll around to see the beautiful piazza Novana and end the day in the cool district of Campo de’ Fiori for drinks!

Rome itinerary day 3 – Vatican and Castel Sant’Angelo

On your third day, head over to the Vatican city. There is plenty to do so you will spend most of the day there. Start with a visit of the Vatican museums. It is huge with an incredible number or artworks and of course home of the famous The Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. As I said above, buy your ticket online to avoid the queue. 

Of course you can’t miss the St Peter’s square and the St Peter’s basilica, the largest and one of the holiest church in the world. Impressive even though if you are not catholic.

At the end of your day, head over to Castel Sant’Angelofor a sunset on the beautiful Ponte Sant’Angelo.

Rome itinerary day 4 – Borghese gallery, Spanish steps and Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

On your last day, start with a free visit of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore where you can see artworks by major Italian artist like Raphael, Bernini and Caravaggio.

Then, head over to the beautiful Villa Borghese for a stroll in the park and a visit to the impressive Borghese gallery

End up your day with a bit of shopping around the Spanish Steps and throw a few cents in the Trevi fountain as it is supposed to bring you luck and back to Rome!

Restaurants tips for Rome

What to eat in Rome? Some of my Italian friends recommended me to try the Rome pasta speciality : Pasta Caccia E Peppe (caccia is a chef and Peppe means pepper).

They also gave me some good addresses :

Tudini : Via Principe Amedeo, 23
Sorpasso : Via Properzio, 31-33
Ristorante da Meo Patacca : Piazza dei Mercanti, 30

Tips for Rome – Where to go shopping?

You will find all great Italian brands next to Plaza Sapgna. If you like hats, don’t forget to visit one of the Borsalino shop!

Luxury Brands : Via dei Condotti

High street brands : Via del Corso

4 days in Rome. Where to sleep?

I boarded my flight without knowing where I would sleep. I booked a room with the App Hotel tonight at the airport. The concept of the app is that you can find great hotel deals for the very same day (it is possible to book a room for several day though and all room are available for two).

I booked a room at the Abitart Hotel near to the station Ostiensee, that is not in the historic center (rooms are extremely expensive there) but also not too far away (2 subway stops away from the city center).

We stayed 4 days but 4 days isn’t enough if you truly want to enjoy Rome. I would rather recommend to stay at least 6 days if you can afford it.

How to get around in Rome

Last but not least : don’t use the subway. Rome isn’t that big so you better walk as the streets are so pretty! You would miss otherwise half of the city by taking the subway.

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