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Tips for your trip to Marrakech in 2020

Marrakech 2020

I have took a trip to Marrakech several times but I never wrote anything about the red city so far. In this blog, I will give you tips for your trip to Marrakech in 2020. Indeed, there is much happening in the city so I hope that this blog will help you to make the most out of your visit to Marrakech. I will share with you the do and don’t of Marrakech as well as the best hot spot of the city.

Things to do in Marrakech in 2020

Most famous sightseeing places in Marrakech

The most famous sightseeing places of Marrakech are : Bahia Palace (it is truly beautiful), the Koutoubia Mosque, the Saadi tombs, Majorell garden (more on this below in my things to avoid in marrakech) and El Baadi palace.

While you can plan to see these things in 1 or 2 days, I would advice you to make time to visit less known places in Marrakech :

Le jardin secret

Le Jardin secret used to be a palace and was renovated in 2016 to become what is today called the Jardin Secret. It has two gardens, an exotic garden where there are plants from all over the world, and an Islamic garden that was inspired by the paradise as how it is described in the Quoran. It also has a tower from which you have a view over the Medina, a coffe and restaurant and even a hammam.




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Bab Agnaou door

The Bab Agnaou door is one of the entrance to the Medina. It is the oldest door in Marrakech. You can see it for example on your way to visit the Saadi tombs.

Go to a hammam

Going to a hammam is tradition in Morocco. Locals are all going. Even though I am not a fan of hammam I really want to experience it next time as it is the part of the culture and you should do it too. You can go to a local hammam for the real thing or to a pretty one that is more instagrammable 😉

Get lost in the souks of Marrakech

Getting lost in Marrakech is part of the game. Try to go away from the most touristic souk and wander the streets in order to find some less popular ones. The experience will be so much more interesting and the prices also will be cheaper.

Photography museum

The photography museum is a beautiful place in Marrakech. It used to be a family riad but it transformed into a photography museum. It exhibits pictures from the old times of Morocco. the selection is very beautiful and there is a coffee and restaurant on the rooftop.

Visit the Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Yves Saint Laurent loved Marrakech. The fashion designer was inspired a lot by Marrakech for it’s collection and spent a lot of time in the red city. Therefore, a brand new museum to his tribute was opened in Marrakech last year.

Stay in a riad

The first time that I went to Marrakech I stayed at La Mamounia. It is an amazing hotel and an amazing experience but I would now always try to stay in a small riad. Most of them are very lovely, you get to know the staff and if feels more personal than in a big hotel.

I can recommend :

Riad El Fenn

Riad Nashira

Le riad Yasmine

Stay fresh in a beach club

It can be very hot in Marrakech and the red city can be stuffy. To cool off, go to one of the city’s beach clubs. In the pool and music program. We find the same names as in the south of France. The most famous are: Myah Beach, Beach club 555, Nikki beach, Baoli, la plage rouge or Fiesta beach.

The beach clubs are closed in winter but reopens in February/March

Things to avoid in Marrakech in 2020

Avoid Majorelle garden in Marrakech

There are plenty of parks in Marrakech but most tourist visit only one that is the Majorelle Garden. While Majorelle garden is a pretty place, it is also expensive to get in, always very crowded and quit small. Instead, head over to one of the park where the locals hang out. So much more interesting.

You might like Menara gardens, the upcoming Mexiko garden or the Moulay Abdo salam garden next to the Koutoubia mosque.

Avoid eating on Jamaa El Fna

If you go to Marrakech you will probably visit Jamaa El Fna square at night as it is the most interesting time of the day to see it. Everyone from tourist to locals gather there and there are plenty of animations of the main square. From dancing, live music or more curious activities such as fishing coca cola bottles which always make me laugh. While it is cool to go there at night for the animation, I don’t recommend to eat on the square. It is more expensive than somewhere else and I know many people who got sick by eating there. Better go to the side streets of the square for a night snack!

Jamaa El Fna square at night 1

Where to eat in Marrakech in 2020

Food is not missing in Marrakech.

Street food in Marrakech

Street food stays the best of what you can eat while traveling. Marrakech is no exception. There are so many snacks available everywhere in the city. In the souks but also on the side of the streets. Do not hesitate to try it all. One stay won’t be enough but you might want to consider taking a food tour with a local!

Lovely places to eat to in Marrakech

What I like a lot about Marrakech is that the city is so busy but you always find hidden quiet places in a backyard or on a rooftop. Recently many new cafés and restaurant opened their door and you might want to check them out! Below some of my favourites / that are still on my wishlist!

Le Salama

I had dinner at the Salama in the Medina and I like dit a lot. The crowd is young and trendy, the food is good and the ambiance is quite festive. Perfect for a night out with friends.


L’mida is a new place in Marrakech. It opened late 2019. It is very trendy right now in Marrakech. It is situated next to Place des Epices. I went for lunch. The food was really nice but quite expensive for Marrakech. I liked it a lot though, especially for the way it is decorated and for the view over the medina.

Dar Marjana

Dar Marjana is a traditional riad where I went for dinner. It serves 3 different menu with traditional dishes from Morocco. It is a very beautiful place with a huge palm inside the backyard. The staff is wearing traditional clothes from Morocco and the service is remarquable. On top, there are animation going on during the evening, gnaoua singing and dancing, belly dancer, etc

It is the perfect dinner place for families.

Café Clock

Café clock is a cute rooftop café in the Medina. They also organize events such as live gigs, flea markets etc.

Any rooftop place

There are so many rooftops in Marrakech. It is hard to choose from them. Another institution is Nomad but I never tried it yet. I kind f saw it too often on Social Media so I rather went somewhere else. In general I like to go to unknown places because at the end they all have their own cham. And also I think that it is good to support some other local businesses than the most famous ones!

Where to go out in Marrakech in 2020

Go out in Gueliz, aka the new town of Marrakech

The most famous part of Marrakech is definitely the Medina, but Marrakech also has a new town that is similar to our European/US city centers. With shops, bars and restaurant. I like the atmosphere in Gueliz in the evening the most. There are so many people in the streets and it’s a good place if you want to go for a drink and smoke shisha.

Try the casino of Marrakech

I was so surprised to learn that there is a casino in Marrakech. I went there because I was so curious of the place. Of course you can play games like in any other casino but I was more impressed by the bar : L’épicurien. There was live music and it was surprisingly good and trendy!

Clubbing in Marrakech

For those who like clubbing, there are also plenty of clubs in Morocco. I once went to the So Lounge that belongs to the Sofitel and in Theatro that is in the casino of Marrakech. Both were quite fun I am not such a fan of clubbing though.

Cool day trips from Marrakech

When in Marrakech you might want to take a day trip to get away from the city. No need to go very far. You can experience glamping in Agafay desert or go to the Atlas mountains. In the winter you can try skiing in Oukaimeden and in the summer you can try to go on a hike to visit the local villages of the High Atlas.