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Skiing in Morocco in Oukaimeden – All you need to know!

Skiing in Morocco in Oukaimeden

Hard to believe but yes, you can go skiing in Morocco. Oukaimeden, situated 1 hour away from Marrakech is supposed to be Africa’s best and highest ski resort!

Day trip to the Atlas mountains from Marrakech in winter

I loved hiking in the Atlas Mountains 2 years ago and wanted to se how it looked like in the winter. Back then I saw some shops selling skis and was wondering if you could really ski in Morocco in the winter time. Before my trip to Marrakech, I started to look online where it is best to ski in Morocco and I found out it was Oukaïmeden, situated only 1 hour away from the red city. It was not to miss. We decided to leave early morning, to spend a day in the mountains.

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Oukaïmeden – best place for skiing in Morocoo

As you might know, Morocco has the highest mountain in Africa which peak is called Toubkal. At 4167 meters, it has much chances to get some snow in the winter. While you can’t directly ski in on Toubkal unless you do heliski or touring, you can ski close by at Oukaïmeden.

How to get to Oukaïmeden from Marrakech?

You can take a taxi to Oukaimeden from Marrakech. It will cost you around 20/30dollars depending or your negociation skills. For less hassle, you might want to book a transfer from Marrakech to Oukaimeden including ski passes or ski rentals!

Oukaïmeden, a retro ski resort in Morocco

While Oukaïmeden is a “real” ski resort with 20 runs (slopes are unprepared) and one chairlift, don’t expect US or European standards. But this is exactly what makes the charm of it. You can go up the slopes by ski lift, touring, or… on a donkey. Moroccan style 😉 Same for the ski rentals, you won’t find the latest ski but here again, you will probably go skiing for the fun to say that you ski in Africa and not for professional skiing! If you want to professionally ski, it is possible also, but better hire a certified guide who will take you on a tour!




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When is it best to ski in Oukaïmeden?

You can ski in Oukaïmeden from December until March. The best is to check on Instagram if the lift are open it there is snow or not.

How much is skiing in Morocco?

Skiing in Morocoo is definitely cheaper as anywhere else. Ski pass for the day is around $20 and rentals are around the same price and of course negotiable. You might want to book ski pass, and transfer from Marrakech all together online!


Winter fun in Oukaïmeden

If you don’t dare skiing in Morocco, you can still enjoy a great winter day in the Atlas Mountains. Proposed activities are winter hiking, sledging and even camel riding in the snow.

And instead of the classic cheese fondue, don’t miss a great Tajine while looking at the mountains!

Skiing in Morocco in Oukaimeden

Accommodation options if you want to stay in Oukaïmeden

Like any other ski resort, Oukaïmeden has got some mountains lodges but the options are few and therefore it is not that cheap. You best bet will be Le Courchevel and Chalet Ermitage.

If you stay in Marrakech read my accommodation reviews of La mamounia, the most luxurious hotel in Africa and an amazing Airbnb with pool situated in the Medina! Also don’t miss my article about my glamping experience in the Stone desert of Marrakech at the Scarabeo Camp.