Con Tho, a new vegetarian and vegan vietnamese restaurant on Berlin Hasenheide

Yesterday I tried a new restaurant in my neighborhood, Con Tho that serves vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Con Tho means rabbit and does not mean that the restaurant serves rabbit but it is the name of a traditional game that children play in Vietnam. Indeed, Con Tho is all about tradition. Fun fact, it belongs to a monastery in Frankfurt and the monks wanted a restaurant that serves vegetarian and vegan food. Every dish is based on a traditional recipe and revisited in a more modern way. All dishes are based on a healing principe, so that you do something good to your body while eating. And because you can’t do good with bad products, Con Tho serves dishes made out of local ingredients, they make a point on importing only 1/3 of the products they serve and 2/3 are local ingredients. They are also aware of allergies and try to use products that give as less allergies as possible like for example tapioca flour or rice flour.

I am generally not a fan of vegetarian and vegan meals. I am french and was raised eating meat almost twice a day every day so I like a meal with good meat.I always hated tofu for example but their homemade one, made me change and mind, and I from now accept to give Tofu another chance!!

Another highlight of this restaurant were the drinks, especially the hibiscus lemonade and their latte. I tried a latte with dates, so yummy, and they also have a latte with avocado. I love a good glass of mild and I think it is a good alternative to coffee or tea, especially in the winter.

I am so happy that a restaurant like Con Tho finally opened a few meters away from my house. If it is a bit too far from you, I know you people from Prenzlauer berg 😉 Go visit Ryong on Torstrasse, that belongs to the cofounder of Con Tho. I didn’t try it yet, but their patented burger sounds very interesting!!

Con Tho, Hasenheide 16, 10967 Berlin

Another vietnamese restaurant that I like is Anjoy for it’s famous flying noodles!

From left to right : Red lampions : hibiscus limonade / Wild rose Tempura : Tempura Banh Bao made out of beetroots / Green chaos : limonade made out of mango, lime, persil, and ingwer / Smoked tofu with leek


Banh Xeo, vietnamese crepes with curcuma taste. They are traditionally made with porc meat but it is here replaced with champignons.

Chocolate mousse

Latte with dates