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Jamboree, the bar of the Grand Hyatt in Berlin

Jamboree bar Berlin Hyatt

Last week we have been invited to the opening of a new bar : Jamboree in the Grand Hyatt in Berlin.

To welcome us: a red carpet, an elegant and sophisticated party, with exclusive cocktails, food, DJ set, ice-cream;candy truck, and of course fine champagne.

Although Jamboree is part of the Grand Hyatt, the curators underline they want to maintain an independent identity, with a different style from the hotel, and a different concept, creating a place destined to local Berliners, and not only for tourists.

And no sooner you enter Jamboree, you understand style and identity are really what will make you fall in love with the place! You feel immediately catapulted in to the 80’s and the magic of that time lives again for one night.

The art prints on the walls, the bar with its checkerboard floor and wooden stools, the red vintage sofas, you can appreciate how every part of the furniture has been highly selected to recreate the mysterious, and a little bit nostalgic, atmosphere of that time. Many pieces, like carpets, lamps and chandeliers, even some sofas and armchairs, are, in fact, original vintage furniture, coming from a real Berliner Flohmarkt.

Also the logo of Jamboree, plain in sight on the main wall, is designed with an urban 80s style. Placed among a poster of David Bowie, graffiti art pictures, and pictures of the old and rebellious Berlin.

The cocktail menu, as well as the food menu, is curated by Burak Köseoqlu. Burak comes from 10 years managing the Ritz Carlton Hotel Bar. Passionate about rum&cigar, champagne, Caribbean cocktails and tea.
For the opening he created two exclusive cocktails: Dirty Harry and Blueberry Hill.
We can appreciate lot of 80s references also in the creation of the cocktails.
Dirty Harry is inspired, obviously, by the homonymous movie starred by Clint Eastwood. Right like the main character, the Inspector Callahan, the cocktail wants to be rough but with a sweet soul.

Dirty Harry:
Smoked Whisky

The Blueberry Hill got its name from the song “Blueberry Hill” by Fats Domino. Ingredients are inspired by the memories of the childhood of Burak himself, during the summer time.
He recreates the freshness of a summer drink, with the taste of blueberries and blueberry ice cream, that he used to have after having plaid the whole day.

Blueberry Hill:
Patchouli Syrup
Blueberry Puree

Jamboree owns also a lovely outside garden, with an outside bar, where you can spend your warm summer nights.
Jamboree is open every day from 12 o’clock till 1am/2am in the morning.
It offers business lunch, happy hours and many other initiatives.
On Thursday-Saturday you can expect DJ set, with great selection of 80s hits (of course 😉 )!

* Written by Stefania Casiraghi
* Pictures credit to Hyatt Berlin

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