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Picnic Berlin Wannsee

Summer has finally arrived in Berlin last week so we decided with a few friends to go outside the city and do a picnic in Berlin Wannsee.
We rented a boat in Wannsee (more on this in another blogpost) and took a few hours before to have a little lunch by the lake. It took us a while to find a location but we ended up doing a very french “Luncheon on the Grass” à la Monet, drinking Veuve Clicquot Rich champagne and cider and eating cheese, olives, rillettes, and more tasty things.

When doing a picnic, I feel like the most complicated thing is the organisation. Where should we go, who is coming and who brings what. For the last question there is one easy answer : It is a option proposed by Paypal that I use always more often. I used it the other day to do a little get together during the UEFA Euro 2016 and I used it again for this picnic.

It is as easy as hello. I told my friends lets do a picnic. We decided on what to eat and drink and I went to the supermarket to buy everything. Since all of us have a Paypal account I created a link with the amount spent divided into 4 (because we were 4 of us) and they just needed to click the link, connect to their account and pay the amount.

I love it because it is so easy and it avoids money problems that I hate like for example : I bought the champagne so I paid much more than you who brought only a salad, etc

If you don’t know this Paypal option you should try it out. It is really very easy.


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